[UP TO 50%] Programmer // Co-Creator // 2 offers!

About me

Hello, I am gui110 a bilingual (French & English) Canadian, college student and commonly calling myself a Game Developer. My main speciality is designing and building my games.

Some may know me here as a friend, others probably as the creator of Snow Resort. Either way, I would say I am a friendly, kind and patient person and I do not lack of ambition.

The offers

The purpose of me writing this today is because I am looking for a developer with experience and passion for programmation to collaborate with me in my pursue with game development.

I have two projects in mind that I would like to offer you to work on with me.

First, my goal is to bring Snow Resort to a quality that could be compared to the top roleplaying games on the platform such as Adopt Me, Robloxian Highschool, MeepCity and so on. I’m thinking about the housing system, the inventory, personalization, activities and the overall social experience, etc.

Second, the game I have been thinking about is called Fort of Victory. My goal is to create an innovative, beautiful and interactive game where players would be in competition against the opposite fortification to be the victorious one. It would involve fighting mechanics, global leaderboards, server management and so on! (I’m not revealing all the details publicly but it is just to give an idea.)

The pay

For those who are wondering about the pay, it is a collaboration so we would get to agree on the separation of revenues together. But how I think is that the revenues should be separated 50/50 between the programming and the building/designing team. “Perfectly balanced as all things should be.” ; )


If you are interested to know more about those projects and think you may be interesting to work with me, you are more than welcome to contact me and I will be happy to tell you more. Even if you aren’t sure, just let me know and we can talk about it and get to know each other better.

To contact me, just send me a pm on the Devforum or on twitter at @gui110Dev.

Thank you for your time!


Is fort of victory a RTS like command troops, tanks, planes or whatever you use to destroy the enemies fort, or is it PVP with players on the ground?

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Good question!

No, it is more like a fighting game style Phantom Forces but in a medieval fashion. And I’m thinking with multiple maps and heroes of different classes like Knight, Bowman, Magicians etc.

I’d work on snow resort… Quick question though. Will it be cringy or meant for super young children like the other games? Will it have the whole pet system or is it going to be completely unique just at that quality.

I like to make unique and quality games so I don’t want to make a copy of those roleplaying games at all. The pet system isn’t something I was thinking about.

I’m mainly thinking about a housing system that could be personalized and a system where people can create activities that people can join. A bit like the game Backpacking if you want.

The goal is that it is playable and fun for people of all ages and on all platforms.

Would you be creating a snow resort v2 or be adding on to your current one?

Well, I think I would be slowly modifying the current game so that players would get used to the updates as we reshape the game.

The offer is still open everyone! Don’t hesitate to contact me, it doesn’t implicate anything to present yourself and ask questions. :wink:

I was very interested but i saw you need a programmer & i don’t programme so i just passed on the post really, but i don’t know you probablly need something elseso here is my portofolio: [OPEN] skofall - Build/Graphics/3d modelling | Portofolio :slight_smile:

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