{Up to $700/USD} Stunning Studios Hiring a Builder

Stunning Studios is hiring a builder!
Please read this post very carefully.

Stunning Studios

Stunning Studios is a new and upcoming Roblox game development studio. We are currently in the middle of a new project, and have decided it time to complete our map! Stunning Studios is on the lookout for a qualified builder to work with us on completing this map. Learn more about what we need from you, and what the qualifications for the job down below.

About The Job

The map should be on the larger side size wise, the basic composition of the map would include the following; Large city, beach, shipyard, bridge, dam, mountain/forest terrain, and various mini towns. Roads/streets need to be very realistic in a functional since. In fact the whole map needs to be realistic in a functional since. A few of a building would be enter able, and require simple interior design. The map needs to be aesthetically pleasing. I will post examples of the style, you must be able to build/design the map in this modern/minimalistic style. More information will be given later on!


  • Must be able to plan and create ideas for the map, as well as implement them into Roblox Studio
  • Must be able to model/design the map in a efficient way.
  • Must be very communicative, and get along with others well.
  • Must be very responsible, and productive while in the building process.


  • Must have at least 1-2 years of experience (game design, building, or modeling)
  • Must have a valid, and updated portfolio with quality work.
  • Must be able to accept USD for payment.
  • During development, you will be required to provide a change-log of your work one a week.
  • Should contribute to the project, you you think something would be cool feel free to add it. You will have creative freedom.

Would be nice

  • Have experience with Roblox lighting, and tools.
  • Have experience in blender/3D modeling software
  • Could meet deadlines on time. (We are not in a huge rush)


This really is similar to what we looking for! If you are unable/wouldn’t be able to complete something like this don’t bother on contacting. (Map will not be as big)


Compensation really depends on the final product, and a few other factors. We are offering around 400-700$+ (USD) Again, this can raise depending on quality of work, and time taken.

Contact Us

Easiest way to reach me is discord.
Tag: rosscko#7637

Thanks for reading, I will be on for a few hours a day. If you catch me while I’m off, I would get back to you.


I am a little confused. Do you want someone to sketch out the map? I cannot build, but I can design maps, do lighting, and am great at abstract shapes in blender.

Oh no! Sorry I totally get your confusion. This job is for building, I will edit this so no one else gets confused.

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Heya! I sent you a request on discord! Hope we could chat there :slight_smile:


Heya I am very interested here is my portfolio please contact me via my discord located in portfolio Zpecx - Building Portfolio

Hey there, Im Zen and im a 3D Modeller.
I was just accepted in devforum a few hours ago.
Im a low poly and high poly map builder and I use Blender.

I have an expereince of 1.1 Years and im pretty good at my work.

Ill dm you all of my work as im gathering a portofolio rn.

My Discord is 3D Modeller#4930.

Thank You.

Ello! I’m interested in taking this job, I sent you a friend request on discord (Knify#3938). I’ll show you my portfolio there, tho I don’t have experience in modeling meshes, I do have experience in Blender! (terraforming, GFX). Hoping to hear from you, Cheers!


I would like to apply for this, add me at Parzival#1517.

Hello I’m a builder Roblox Username [ImFatBoiHowAboutYou] and I can build you a anything legit :smiley:

You can look at the build I made made so far on my Roblox group

I also helped another person by building him a desert Bio

Please Consider Hiring me. Because I love to build and will put in 100% of effort

Very intrested! I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord.

My tag is: project#9649