[UP TO R$ 30K] Hiring an experienced builder/3d modeler for a high-detail quick build


Hey, I’m looking for an experienced builder who’s familiar with meshes and 3d modeling to build a high detail quick project. It’s a personal project so it won’t be turned into a game or anything. Just need something built, however, there is the potential for more builds needed in the future and obviously I’d pay extra for that. I’m not used to hiring people for builds so I’m not really sure what a realistic price is, but I’m sure we can agree on something.

About The Job

Just looking for a high detailed build of this machine inside of a factory. I have multiple photo angles that I can give over discord. Ones that show up close details too. The build can’t just be " loosely based off of it" either, it needs to look very accurate, and to scale.

Picture of the machine I need built


I can pay in group funds (3 day pending thing) or I can send limited items.

Contact Me

Add me on discord and we can discuss. You must have past examples of your work. Thanks.

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if you ever need a builder come to me I make custom models, build and make logos I also have my own website and youtube followings with over 100 subs so that more people can see your game if interested here is my portfolio it shows everything in there [Portfolio] Builder/modeler For HIRE

Hey, if thats all you need, why do you need to see a portfolio?
I mean i dont have alot of stuff i made, but if i can make it like you wanted, do you still need my portfolio? I mean im not sure if i could do it but i’d try to.
Oh and btw, its pretty hard to see what you want from that image; you cant see all angles.

She did mention that she had multiple pictures from different angles in the post. My only question was, why 30k? The machine itself looks simple enough to make with just roblox studios and textures. Is she expecting it to be scripted? Since I can make that with parts.

OH oops… didnt see that! Im trying to create this in blender right now, and it doesnt really seem that hard to me (im very inexperienced). I mean 30k isnt bad :upside_down_face: Im not exspecting to get paid by doing so, but it gets me more experience :slight_smile:

Hey I’m interested my discord is in My portfolio Zpecx - Building Portfolio

Hi guys I’m not looking for a builder anymore but I don’t know how to close the topic, sorry. The reason I’m paying so high is because I’m looking for extreme detail; nuts, bolts, wires, etc. Thanks for all of your interests.