Upcoming Ads Roadmap and Changes

iirc, group ads served the purpose of promoting shops. They want you to sponsor items and games individually.

This solves the “follow me to get 10k follows for literally nothing” issue


This is good to hear. Hope to see and hear more and more detailed information about this over the coming days or weeks. Please keep us updated on this!

Appreciate that our concerns about sponsored ads are being addressed. I am worried about whether those under thirteen will continue to be able to sponsor. I understand that there are probably some edge case issues but Roblox is about letting ANYONE develop and create their game. Let’s keep things easy to do and accomplish.


This is INSANE. You’re going to completely remove my ability to advertise my games unless I give you my HOME ADDRESS and a GOVERNMENT ID? Would you like a blood sample while you’re at it?


The removal of Roblox Ads is somewhat good. Mobile and players who are under 13 cannot see them. My only problem is using real life money to Sponsor Experiences.

You can just use Robux Credit


My concern is the workforce at Roblox right now, especially with Roblox trying to remove remote positions. Roblox might be taking on too many things at once. I know there are multiple teams and ~2,500 employees, but concern of being able to launch products effectively is still there.

Some recent history to back up my concern is VR and PlayStation release. Many things were not there on launch, that was noted in the respected announcement posts.

Discovery needs an overhaul, there’s a big roadmap for all of Roblox, and we have a massive backlog of feature request/bug reports. To say there’s a lot Roblox needs to work on is an understatement. And, I wonder if the number of employees can handle it all. Something might be cut and that’s also a concern.

That’s crazy. Far too much info to just give out. That shouldn’t be necessary to advertise on Roblox.

If it’s a legal requirement in the U.S., Roblox should tell us so we could lobby or smth.

As an aside, didn’t Roblox say once that Roblox is about kids making games for other kids to play?


Thanks, lol.


I am unable to set up an ad the old way right now, is the new ad manager functional yet? I made an account but I want to make sure it actually works currently before I set up a campaign.


I’ve spoken with multiple folks at Roblox about the importance of building in rigid A/B testing tools, like those on the Play or App stores for example.

Currently A/B testing can be done using sponsored ads and teleport places. I am concerned that this process will make it prohibitively expensive or awkward/difficult. Why are their still no dedicated Icon/Title/Thumbnail etc. A/B testing tools on one of the worlds largest gaming platforms?

Sad to see this extremely basic functionality once again being overlooked.


This update has to be somewhat changed. I just wan’t to advertise my game. I don’t wan’t to put my legal information to advertise a block game.

Edit: Again, you don’t have to put in info, just basic but non-doxxy info


I couldn’t agree more, Sponsered experiences shouldn’t be paid in real life money but the hole point of this is to earn roblox more money


By the way, I DevEx quite often! It seems a bit unfair to me that I can DevEx but I can’t even purchase advertisements for my own game.

There’s gotta be some way you can legally make it so a parent can purchase these advertisements off my account directly, right??


What about the developers who won’t or can’t DevEx?


Wait, sponsored games are now paid with IRL Money instead of Robux?


You’ll be able to buy ad credit with Robux, as outlined in the announcement.


No, the Robux is converted into “USD” credit and then you use that credit for purchasing advertisements. I think it just makes it easier for Roblox to let companies into the program who don’t actually use the site, it makes a bit of sense.


Oh, That makes sense, Apparently chaseroony said you had to pay to use advertisements.


Why don’t hey just make 2 places to make/post ads? I seriously don’t see the point of this.


Just pointing this out for those who didn’t read it as well:


Personally I don’t really understand how User Ads are more intrusive than Immersive Ads. User Ads are (in my opinion) great because they show up on the website before you join a game, that way if you’re trying to find a new game to play it can be perfect and non-intrusive. But with Immersive Ads, you will only see them while already inside of a game which can make using them not as useful if you want to play the game you’re in. Instead of just being an advertisement, it can feel unnecessary and a part of the game which I find myself often just plain ignoring.


Thank you so much for pointing that out


Oh thanks, I didn’t see that, I was about to quite roblox development because i thought you had to pay real life money to use sponsers and you had to be over the age of 18 to use advertisements, A relief after seeing this