Upcoming Platform-Wide Automatic Translation Experiment

AI is never accurate in any languages really, and that’s due the lack of context and sometimes makes these translations sound wrong

You can also consider that in languages like Chinese, they use the same word for REALLY different contexts, so it will be pretty inaccurate for certain languages


As this is an experiment it would make a lot more sense for this to be opt-in, rather than opt-out. As others have stated machine translation errors are common, and players would have a better experience in the language the game was originally written in. I think this is a great option for developers to have added to our toolkit, but it should not as it is now, both an opt-out and requiring an extreme reason to do so.

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You have to DM @RoxyBloxyy to opt out.

I really want this update, just expecting it to don’t have the google translates since they dont make any sense.

This is a great improvement.

Hmm, this will be pretty cool! I cant wait to see people communicate with each other!

Wont be of any use if Translate() wont actually create strings for the translator portal… :confused:

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I see this as a waste of resources. There’s a big community of people specialised in translating.

Another think is that we all know how automatic translations are not perfect. This is like putting roblox through google translate.

Off topic: You should actually improve the moderation since this is the Reason most people don’t bother with localising their games.


Could we benefit from the automatic translations if we already have translated into some languages (like Dutch) but not in primary Roblox languages (like Spanish)?

Are core languages the languages without asterisk or does it include all languages?

Still a little lost on this topic…

Does this mean all content in our games will be translated? (Chats/GUI/etc)

I am not sure if automated translations are the way to go.
Is it assured that we aren’t getting something which is just google translate but on roblox.
Would this be able to translate text to the perfect native language?
Bad translations are worse than no translations.
This could take away the jobs of translators who actually give quality native translations which is good for everyone.

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Not really… I’d much rather the text be confusing, but still understandable, than be in a language I don’t know.

It’s proven that games with Google translate are played less than those without a translations so I don’t think anyone would agree with you here.

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Talk to people like @CrimsonForce?

how does ‘poor moderation’ correlate to localization? lmao

When you do translate a game to not official supported languages by roblox. The filter has a high chance of not allowing you to apply the translation, even if the translation has nothing bad in it. I know about this from previous experience i had with translating my games on other languages.

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The filter applys also to the website (example: titles, descriptions, group posts and also translations.). Because translations is something that everyone can access, roblox moderates translations based on their current filter( this applies to all languages). The problem is that since the filter is not the most accurate think, it can limit the ways you can translate your game if not completly blocking you because “your translation has been moderated”. Also i didn’t metion that the localisation team has anything to do with the filter, I said than the filter affects the translation of games.

The main think that i try to achieve with my feedback is that Automatic Translation is not a good and a not perfect idea. We are still very back in the automatic translation technology. It is not a good idea to run an experiment like this Especialy in the most popular games on the platform.

I’m curious on how it would work. Would it detect the language they are speaking then the language you are speaking and then translate? Otherwise the translator would have no source.

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It works like Roblox’s system works. You specify the games source language, and then (assuming you manually add keys/values or use automatic capture) it’ll generate a blank localisation table.

That table can then be edited, be it by translators or by AI.