[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

That is a long run-on sentence, but I agree with this post.

SFX has a way better story though. I’m just glad that those “(Removed for Copyright)” songs that were deleted in 2020 are now back because of new licenses.


It has been a whole year since this update has been released… I don’t think anyone likes it at all. This is ROBLOX’s responsibility to clear copyrighted content. Where is the moderation?


lmao bro really wrote a really long essay about this, time to turn this into a copypasta

you know what can be done rather just making every audio longer than 6 seconds private, why cant roblox open up moderation jobs for audio and general moderation


also phone verification exists, why does roblox need to mainly rely on ID verification lmao


this annoucement or update will be forgotten, you cant disagree because its been a year and you still cant set it on


Bruh, I uploaded 2 sounds from NCS with proper credits and they got taken down almost instantly. It even says on their site that using it for Roblox is allowed.

Please tell me if roblox forbid NoCopyrightSounds songs? Is it against TOS to upload non-copyrighted royalty free music (with proper credits)? If so, can I only use music I make or have some kind of license for??



If audio gets wrongfully blocked and you contact support, a common response they might give would simply be their way of saying “exceptions cannot be made at this time cause we don’t have a system to provide proof of permission or ownership, we appreciate your patience”, but that would be ridiculous in this case.


It’s more than a year since this audio update was released. Roblox, please provide an update on this!


Would very much appreciate an update on this :slight_smile:

I’ve been reuploading a lot of music and uploading a lot of new ones ever since this update came out, and while most of these I might not make public, I’m moreover thinking about boomboxes in this case as I’m planning on adding some to my own games :slight_smile:


“The asset privacy system on Roblox must be strengthened in order to continue to protect the rights of creators.”, OK but, sorry if i didn’t get it as long as what i can say, why does the admin not add an feture where game developers just private it? make a feature where if you private your audio, only you and other games from YOU will be playable and accesible, but this mess/update made ALOT of creators/developers pretty mad, which sucks about this update


either way admins are doing this to earn money or whatever (do not reply to this message)

it’s been like a year at this point since this was posted and we still haven’t gotten a single update in regards to this disaster of an update, i’m starting to think that we’ll never get one and that they just left us in the dark


Yup, already a year now, they have been working a lot of other stuff and I think this is the least of there concerns, I fill like a part of the community and developers don’t really care at this point I mean like you said “They left us in the dark”


what the hell is going on, why has it taken over a year to reactivate the public audios


CONGRATULATIONS we spent the one year without any news! He doesn’t give a damn. Besides, where are the changes on other types of assets? No one talks anymore about the failure you set for us a year ago. I pnese that roblox has abandoned this completely failed update. It’s a real shame…


truly yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Yah, I’m getting sick of those comments. Do you seriously think we will all quit just because of one bad update?

Their anticipation of privacy changes for other asset types may have been a big lie and apparently the OP author also lied about making another update about that since he’s no longer at Roblox…


there are websites where you download music YouTube videos to mp3 are scams

constantly replying to this topic isnt going to help

lol twitter users always making biased claims about something controversial!

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