[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

2 year anniversary, still waiting on that update, hopefully we’ll get a full release estimate instead of just “2024”.


Sadly you cannot wave a magic wand then poof legal issues are gone.

Imagine you own the rights too music and that music was being re-uploaded and used too make someone else money, you’d be pretty made right? That is essentially what happened.

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Well folks, at 2:38 PM Pacific today it will have been two years since the original announcement was released. I wonder if they knew it would have the highest number of replies in the announcement category. They tried desperately to come up with a non-financial reason for a disruption of the majority of games within a “fixed” deadline, and they didn’t even warn users on the website that their favorite games may be impacted if they’re not updated by the developers. You had to log in to Studio or the Dev Forum to see the warning message.

When I first saw it (without reading the FAQ) I was like “oh this isn’t that bad we can just change them back to public right after they’re made private, right?” Boy was I wrong. And we still can’t do so. They’ve promised, but we’re waiting.
Since then, I grew a habit of checking the DevForum daily to see if there was another announcement regarding more game-impacting changes; well you bet, cause there was that catalog update (which threatened moderation) that would’ve happened on September 27 if Roblox didn’t realize how confusing it was, and it is the leading runner up in terms of replies in Dev Forum announcements.

Roblox has since admitted in different threads that they need to improve. But it needs to not only improve, but be great again.

My suggestion to Roblox:

Remember when you said you would prevent 72 hour outages from happening again?

Well, also make sure that you never again get to a point where you have to make a major destructive change within an abrupt timeframe solely for the sake of the company. It is not what a serious creativity platform should be doing.


Unfortunately it seems to it’ll take too long for roblox to take any considerations about changing their audio policies, so it going to be tiresome finding audios.


if roblox moderators weren’t lazy then this wouldn’t have happened
edit: yay!! after 2 year anniversary of this update we are getting plugins sold for usd :DDD AND THE ONES SOLD FOR FREE OR WITH ROBUX ARE GETTING TAKEN OFF SALE :smiley: :smiley: VERY AMAZING! (it’s crap)


Roblox isn’t legally at fault if a user uploads copyrighted audio. websites are generally protected from liability for user-generated content under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA).
Roblox would only be at fault if they didn’t actively go after copyrighted audio. They did actively remove copyrighted audio. They removed all public audio because they could not be bothered to fight a lawsuit that claimed Roblox encourages and pays its users to upload copyrighted audio, even though that’s false and they were protected by law. All they had to do was show that they enforce the removal of copyrighted audio. Roblox always does the fastest and often worst decision to get out of a lawsuit, even if they are entirely in the right in their case. This happened with renaming games to experiences too.


Its been over two years since all audio on roblox was systematically struck down.

We are now without guise of any chances being made to public audio being redistributed on roblox, and all attempts furthermore has failed.

Yippe everyone, for what was once a grand platform slowly deteriorates as alot of the audio we once had is slowly lost to time. Insert the classic “OOF” sound here


it’s been 2 years since this announcement and the option to make your audio public still isn’t available


Additionally for copyright would be the DMCA’s “safe harbor” provisions. I said a while back that if Roblox had actually lawyered up and defended themselves then we wouldn’t have gotten into all this mess.


Don’t ever let this topic close. We need ROBLOX to take action on this … After all, it’s been what? 2 years???


Yeah, hopefully Roblox can address this and put the audio assets public again, because this has been a really disappointing update from their part.

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To me its interesting that Audio gets a lot of noise from people but Classic Clothing has people left in a trap because they are unable to delete or archive anything and are subject to being DMCA’d


is this whole april fools ? how

it’s been 2 years, this is all a lie. i’m done. roblox, you pulled the last straw. you PROMISED you would give us more audios for there to be more feel… more noise… BUT YOU JUST DECIDED TO CUT that out because you want players bored, without any noise, because you think the players will say “oh look, roblox audios, w roblox i use audio!!”, i’m sorry, but no. i’m sticking to pixabay audios instead


mainly because this update didn’t only effect the uploader but the users who use the uploaded asset. many more users use other people’s audio compared to the amount of people who create their own audio or shirts or assets.

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Riley: Yeah @GazilionGrandGadgets ! It will be 2 years after it was released, it is 2024 at the time of posting and in 2022 it was done. Please revert this update Roblox.

I miss oof. Roblox is slowly becoming boring for nostalgic people

I definitely agree with you. I certainly do agree and I’m done too.

bump! - just making sure this forum never closes.



FRRRRRR, why is this still a thing bro like its been 2 years​:sob::sob: