[UPDATE] [CLOSED] [R$50,000] Looking for Developers | Aero Trampoline Park

About Us

Introducing the Aero Trampoline Park! The Aero Trampoline Park is a brand new group that is currently being developed!

Group Link: Aero Trampoline Park - Roblox

The Team
@ChickenBark9898 - Builder [CLOSED]
@username - Scripter [OPEN]
@username - UI Designer/Programmer [OPEN]

About The Job

Builder - We are looking for a builder who is very collaborative with others and who is capable of building a Trampoline Park! There are a few things we’re looking for specifically. That can include the following: Front Desk, Free Jump Area x2, Dodgeball Court, LazerTag, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Staff Room, SHR Room, VIP Room, Locker Area, Self-Check-In Area, Host-A-Party Area, Concessions Area, Restrooms. [CLOSED]

Scripter - We are looking for a scripter who is very collaborative with others and who is capable of scripting a Trampoline Park. We are looking for the following from a scripter: Coin + Level System, Music System, Check-In + Self Check-In Systems, SHR/Staff/VIP Room Barriers, Working Trampolines, Tools such as a broom, whistle and ticket scanner, Socks on the floor for people to clean up.

UI Designer/Programmer - We are looking for a very skilled UI Designer/Programmer who is capable of making the following: Main Menu GUI (Includes the following tabs: Jobs, Game passes, Shop), Mute Music GUI, Invite Players GUI, Trail/Nametag Customization GUI, Report Players GUI.

Please Note: More information will be handed out to the Developers once they’ve been chosen!


Builder - R$15K - 25K
Scripter - R$10K
UI Designer/Programmer - R$15K

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum if you’re interested!
You must be 13 years or older to apply. (If you’re interested, please attach a file to a personal DevForum post of yours that showcases your work)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Do we get paid upon finishing the project?


Ah, thank you for the reminder.

The answer is yes. Upon completion of the project, you will be payed the amount of robux mentioned on the post through group payouts.

hi, i’m interested in this project and would like to apply for builder. Kd12306 - Builder/3D-Modeler [Closed]
hope to see you soon :grin:

I’d be interested in the scripting side of the job, if you have discord please dm me

DM me, samtheman#7181. Interested in the “UI Designer/Programmer” position. Would like to point out that “scripters” and “programmers” are the exact same thing.

Hello. I can build build

Hello! I’m very interested. Shoot me a dm at Jurou#4173 I specify in high poly, here is some work.

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HIGHLY, HIGHLY interested. [FOR HIRE!] Wxrkbench | Experienced LowPoly/Realistic Builder | Revamped Portfolio

Interested for UI Designer maybe builder too. DM me on discord username is
Bruh Raccoon#4510

Just an Update for everyone real quick!

We are still looking for developers, however we are looking for a low-poly designer!

Hey there!

I absolutely love your work, however I forgot to mention that we are strictly looking for low-poly builds.


Again, I love your work, however I forgot to mention that we are strictly looking for low-poly builds! :smiley:

Hmm… I can pass some low poly quality in, but I don’t really have any low poly builds to show.

If you could try and find a few possible examples, that would be amazing!

I think you have a lot of potential.

Why don’t you dm me and set a trial task, I’m sure I can do it.

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They are low poly…? The Starcourt one is…

I just realized. Sorry.

I am currently speaking to another developer, however if it doesn’t work out I’ll reach out to you.

If your looking for a gfx designer (low price) DM me - JuusesGFX#1821

[Portfolio] Builder, 3D Modeler, GFX Artist [OPEN] That’s my portfolio and I’d love to work on this park.