Update to Developer Forum Entry Process


I’m doubtful they’d change it now that a bunch of New Members have received Beta Access after asking on that one thread for it.


I just fainted

why couldn’t you of done this in the first time anyway?


I agree, the beta players don’t have an astounding extra set of privileges regardless, just more stuff in the game edit page and group page UI (probably missing other stuff too but these were the main ones I spotted).


Kinda adding onto your first point here but any actual “secret” beta features are most probably released to focus groups consisting of devforum members only. Roblox really doesn’t have anything to lose by giving developers access to this “public” beta


This isn’t a thing as far as just being a DevForum Member. For things Roblox wants to stay quiet, you’re hand selected (I’ve never been selected for these, I’ve just heard rumors of the possibility of this existing) and 1000% of the time you sign a NDA meaning you can’t talk about it at all.


I wasted plenty of time applying just to try and achieve one of my goals that started in 2014 and I achieved it in 2018 to only realise they are handing out free passes. Suppose its for the good anyway since developers from other countries with not good english could actually get in without having to translate everything into english in the application.


Let the new members be given access to buggy web pages! Muhahaha!


Hence why I said “focus groups” implying selected people from the pool of devforum members :stuck_out_tongue: I just add “devforum members” because I believe it’s more likely for Roblox to be willing to give NDAs to members (who were already selected before being hand-selected for access to secret features) rather than new members selected on a basis of just being active :slightly_smiling_face: But yeah you are totally right.


I was apart of the New Member program when it first launch over a year ago. Back then it was called “Basic User” and had even less privileges than you do now. I learned I got Basic User status the same day I learned I would not receive an Internship opportunity at Roblox, after making it to the point of an interview a few weeks prior. The way I was told I earned DevForum access was very vague, so I didn’t even know I wasn’t a full Member, especially because the New Member thing was so freaking new.

So trust me. I know the disappointment you’re likely feeling, but it could’ve been worse. I put a lot of feedback into the program about what I liked & didn’t like, and some of the things I didn’t like was how restrictive it used to be, and thus that role gained a lot more rights. Be thankful for what you currently have, and continue elevating your success, and eventually you’ll be a full Member, and the things you can enjoy from there will show you why all your effort was worth it. (Specifically RDC. RDC is a great experience, and I suggest anyone who has the opportunity should go.)


I really like how you put all the words together and form it into how to get full member in the community, i was part on the community from 2013 and i never joined the DevForum at that time. And i’m really glad they posted the thread about the new update on the new promotion looks very nice and straight to the point…


That’s the point I’m trying to make – it shouldn’t have been in the first place.


I wanted to give some reasons too of how this will affect positively the forum. Please let me mention another platform:

Unity it’s a really well known platform to develop games and they have many forums where everyone can join, and there are people of all ages and they know how to manage troll users, post and that things.

What I want to say is that it won’t hurt the DevForums, now there are more people, the forum will be more active, more people will be able to help you, more people to hire. There are roblox developers out there that can help you more at scripting and more things than some developers that are members here and that will be epic.


This seems the most fair for the net cause. Also explains why I’m a New Member after being active for awhile…


I definitely apologize, despite the fact that I mentioned this in a reply to my post, I believe I did not make it clear enough:

Thank you for pointing out my mistake, however. I will be sure to fix it. That said, this doesn’t change anything in the overall point of the post which was to speculate what could happen with the RDC.


Sorry, missed your statement a few lines down, I suppose. Woke up late today and this thread had over 200 comments already, so trying to catch up everything, somethings may have been a bit skimmed, haha.

But yea, idk. RDC 2019 will be different… unfortunately.


Don’t worry about it! :smile:

Hm… Not necessarily, RDC '18 was fun, even with New Members there. I understand your concerns regarding the invitation problem, but I’m trusting Roblox Staff to sort that out. After all, they organized every RDC so far, and nothing serious ever happened. The security was top notch, the places were amazing and the food… well, you get it.

I strongly believe that a RDC East may return in the years to come. Probably not next year, but who knows.

Ah, also I forgot to mention this: thank you for your positive insights to the thread with your questions and concerns! They surely resume the views of our colleagues.


It’s not that I have a concern about New Members being at the event. I have concerns that some New Members might not understand the value of the event exactly, and see the event more as a “omg time for autographs” style of Convention. Talking with some Developers, that’s the kind of thing that would make them not walk the lobby as readily.



Maybe they will use some kind of application process for New Members, or something around these lines. Anyway, time to go since I have been on this thread for over 10 hours. :grimacing:


Although I wasn’t at RDC '18 (or on the DevForums until this update :stuck_out_tongue:), I’d assume (or at least hope) that they would probably make the New Members apply like the regular developers had to (don’t quote me on any of this, willing to change since I have no clue how it worked) especially since the ways of getting to New Member has drastically reduced in regards to requirements and all that.


i had to wait a year, thankfully no one has to wait now!