Update to Developer Forum Entry Process

Seems like a great update to the entry process, despite the concerns from others.

The positive aspects of this change greatly seem to outweigh the risks of the change.


I believe that, for the sake of safety and reliability of the DevForums, there should at least be a background check. This is mostly in regards of scammers, as they’re unpredictable and preventing is better than curing.


Some games use the devforums for update logs, checking out updates could quickly add up.


I suppose we should just hope that this is accounted for and proper criteria is put in place.


People used the information gathered here for all sorts of stuff. Turns out information can be abusable even if they don’t use it for what it is intended for.
Scamming, leaking info, reinforcing ego


To clarify, does this mean that there’s 3 distinction of members (Full Members, Old New Members, and New Members)? If so, will the restrictions for Full Membership be more open to Old New Members?

Edit: There are only 2 ranks


Chief is completely right, but the question is how this could be possible. There’s not really a way to definitively prove whether or not someone is a scammer.


Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any good way to check this when you can currently get a new account on here in about 5 hours; they’d either have to still manually read through every person getting accepted which could take just as long as applications or have find some way to deal with scammers just using an alternate to hide from their reputation.


That’s how I got accepted! Thank you!! :grinning:


Although I disagree with idea, I understand why Developer Relations finds it necessary to do this. It may be something I’m against, since it provides a gateway for untrustworthy developers to join, but I believe that DevRel knows what their doing and will help protect us. After all, it’s blatantly obvious that we want to be able to work in collaboration with other developers without fear of them being a random scam artist.


If they don’t dev and they get promoted I could see how it would lower the quality of the form.


We all start from somewhere we should not discourage people that do not have the same amount of experience that we do.

I feel like this update is much needed, it took me forever to get in just to be a ‘new member’. I feel like an automated way to get in the forum is better than a manual, because it eliminates bias.


Great Job! This is a huge step toward enlarging the developers’ community.


Notes based on responses so far:

  • You can flag or contact @Community_Sage when you see low quality posts, people that shouldn’t have been auto-ranked to New Member, other content that breaks forum rules. We will take down posts that are not appropriate or introduce more noise to the forum than promoting good discussion.

  • Every single post made to the Developer Forum in the New Member-available categories is normally scanned by at least one Community_Sage.

  • We can adjust the criteria for the auto promotion at any time to better suit forum needs in terms of quality and filtering out noise.

  • We recently appointed a new Community_Sage (@PeteyK473) to handle the higher load on the forum.


We all have different opinions on this big change. This will be good for skilled developers who have been waiting months for a response, but a little worrying for the quality of the post as many people have said as an early stage.
But every developer starts somewhere. We all had to learn and develop our skills somehow. DevForum is a place we can learn and get help in a specific section. I think this is a good turn for DevForums and it was very long waited but I think we’re all glad it has arrived.


That’s all the information I needed to hear. Thanks again, Build!


I think this was already in place before this post because that’s how I got onto the devforum… I was so excited after having waited for over a whole year to get in! :grin:


Bulletin board is it pretty much.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that it’s the same as before; where top contributors has to notice you for being frequently helpful and for making good tutorials etcetera. (Which then may lead to a promotion)


What do I do if i want to be promoted to a full member? This post is very vague to me. I’ve been a new member for more than a year now and I’ve applied multiple times now with no reply. Last time I sent an application was in October after my game was featured. I feel like I’ve done enough to be promoted? I’m confused.

Edit: I’ve attended RDC EU 18 and I visit the forums daily, I don’t post much but I read almost all posts in the categories that I care the most about.