Update to Developer Forum Entry Process


Love this idea, brings more developers to the forum! The forum would be more active which means more exciting stories to be read from new developers!


I really like this update. It gives people who are trying to become developers, like me, a place to learn more about build, scripting, and more.


The reason why it was changed and updated to utilization of the forum, is because of how many applicants applied in the first place, and it takes a very long time to get accepted (as you said) to get in. That is pretty much the main reason why they did this, so more people don’t have to wait longer times (like you did).


That reasons you’ve mentioned assume that all people who got in where skilled and that all skilled people got in though, which simply wasn’t the case. Holding people from being able to access important resources for development such as being able to post updates in the bulletin boards, suggest ideas to staff, report issues, get their places blacklisted for a while when new changes broke their places and they needed time to reconfigure them, and many more things far outweighs the concern of, “But I was one of the people who got lucky enough to have my application accepted in the mass of applications.”


This is the right step. It allows those whom have potential to prove themselves. I recently come in from the ‘new entry process’ and can’t be more thankful for the process to have been updated.

The only issue is the fact that practically any supposed ‘developer’ can join the community, although it isn’t a big of an issue - those of many can be subjected to manipulation. Meaning these supposed ‘developers’ can fool those seeking for a true developer and quite possibly scam them.

Although, I cannot complain as I have yet to prove myself.

Anyhow, on the positive side - thank you.


" then be grouped with those who just browsed for a few minutes "

quite a rude statement to say.
Not all the new members are here with bad intentions
and it isn’t just a few minutes. more like hours.


Agreed. I think (for me personally) that this system was much better than the old one. I made an application in August…nothing back from Dev Relations. Made another I think in like December…nothing. With this system…I’m in. The Devforum is an invaluable resource for new and seasoned developers alike. And the only thing that was stopping us from being able to communicate IN A MATURE WAY with topics like Roblox development was the tight security lock on the Devforum. Now that this is gone, we can have more great developers that learn from the already great devs. Good job, Roblox Staff, good job. :grin:


I quite like this improvement to the developer forums in so many ways,

  • It is so time efficient
  • It requires less task over the forum itself
  • It involves the wider community of Roblox, leading to more people being interested in being a developer

I feel like this was needed so much on the forums, and I am so glad it is out. Can’t wait to see the effect this has to the forums!


I can agree that it encourages that but let’s not forget that sole purpose of this website which is to let people who are already past the “Oh, I want to be a developer” stage, to broaden their boundaries as developers.


Appreciate this program. The waiting lines for the DevForum were incredible, keeping alot of people who should’ve been on the forum out.

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