Updates to Collision Groups

hi! after this studio update my output is getting spammed with a warning about collision groups every frame, which drops frames if i have output open


Sorry to hear it. Would it be possible to fix it by switching to the new API? Thanks!


This may not be the fix for you but if anybody else is experiencing this issue, this could help ya. My output spam was caused by the Collision Group Editor plugin. I forgot I even had it, you might too.


As a developer that used the collisiongroupid value very much and now needing to type a long string for them to work is quite annoying.


If you prefer, you can still use the id as a string for collision group name. No need to set it to a long string.


honestly not sure what the point of this change was, I presume it’s some backend stuff, but this is going to be a pain to fix all of our collision group scripts. welp, time to spend hours finding which scripts use this…

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use findAll/replace all to find which scripts use the deprecated function.

I still have to go through all my scripts to do that… ctrl+F right?


There is a way to find sound id’s, Names, etc. There is a tab in Studio called “VIEW”, find “Find All / Replace All”. It allows you ctrl + f in all scripts with that “name”. Allowing you to replace all “CreateCollisionGroup” to “RegisterCollisionGroup” in a second or two in all scripts.


do you know if there is a hotkey for this?

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No, I tried to screen shot. It looks like a magnifying glass.

How would I use either of these. This is how I used one of them.

PhysicsService:SetPartCollisionGroup(Ddummy, “KEEpDummy”)

Do I just put BasePart.CollisionGroup in this place of SetPartCollisionGroup
like: Ddummy.CollisionGroup(Ddummy, “KEEpDummy”)

I think you would just put

Ddummy.CollisionGroup = "KEEpDummy"

Ctrl/cmd + shift + f should bring it up

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Hey! going back to this, has there been an update on whether this is coming out, or if it already is?

Here you go.

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The current state of the Collision Groups Editor is unsatisfactory. Unfortunately, I am unable to share my concerns on other threads, so I hope this will suffice.

My concerns are not limited to the Collision Groups Editor alone but extend to the Collision Group service as a whole.

Firstly, I would like to address the issues with the Collision Groups Editor.

2nd It is challenging to move and set up collision groups in other experiences, unlike the new Material service. The Collision Groups Editor is cumbersome to work with and slows down the workflow. It is frustrating to have to repeatedly set up the same collision groups in new experiences. Simplifying the process, similar to the Material service where you can copy and drag items, would significantly alleviate this issue.

While the Collection Service could benefit from similar improvements, it already has multiple community-driven plugins and a well-functioning inbuilt editor within Studio. In contrast, Collision Group lacks such advantages.

Once again, I would like to emphasize that I do not intend to come across as mean or entitled. If I have given that impression, I apologize. My aim is solely to inform the staff team about the issues that I have encountered.


Hi Joe, thank you for taking the time to provide such thorough feedback.

We addressed a couple of issues recently with the CGE, after a bug was reported here: Collision Groups Editor unable to select proper group. The bug in the video snippet you recorded should be fixed with that update, please let us know if you’re still encountering issues.

This won’t be the last time we update the CGE, and I’d like you to know that your feedback is valued and will help us in development of future changes to the tool.


For some reason, i can’t really figure out how to use the new ones.
Can someone tell me?
I’ve tried to do v:CollisionGroup(“Ragdoll”), v.CollisionGroup(“Ragdoll”), didn’t really work.

The newer CollisionGroup is a property that you set like a string variable. In your case, you would use:

v.CollisionGroup = "Ragdoll"
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