Upgraded, Improved, and Faster Raycasts

I’ve received several bug reports in the same vein about wonky bouncy humanoids. I figure I’ll mention it, but it could be entirely unrelated.

It didn’t do this originally, and I’m unsure if it’s related to raycasting explicitly, as I only use the stock humanoid features (nothing custom).

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Doesn’t appear to be the same issue that we’re experiencing, but looks to me like it’s probably from the raycasting update as well.

Our team lead was able to post a formal bug report here: Humanoid "bounces" or floats up when standing still [only in-game, can't replicate in Studio]

Hopefully this can all be resolved soon.

When debugging I cannot get the results now from raycast (it says can’t convert to string). Can only be viewed if you write raycastResults.Instance in ‘watch’. If it could please be fixed, makes debugging harder.

Hey, when working with RaycastParams.FilterDescendantsInstances
It would not accept any argument introduced to it via table.insert
Is the behaviour intended?

Thank you.

Hey @subcritical @tnavarts,
in the same vein as @RuizuKun_Dev, I am receiving issues with raycasts hitting impossible places. I confirmed this by calculating the distance of the hit point from the actual raycasted line - in normal scenarios, it should never exceed 0.01 studs, but in some cases it exceeds 1 stud.
I have made the most minimal repro file I could, but the issue only seems to occur when raycasting in bulk by the looks of it, as raycasting from the exact same positions doesn’t work.
I have created a thread on it but it gained no traction, and as this bug is very dangerous for games, I’d appreciate any sort of support in regards to it:

Blacklist/Whitelist are taking the same times for me in a 5000 part moving assembly area.

Is the raycast now just naive cast and then checked against the blacklist? Old form had performance benefits to using a whitelist only iirc. Or do physics updates force updates on raycast, even if its from parts ignored?

This is a serious performance issue for me, with 15 rays/frame. The first RaycastBroadphase takes wayy too long, at 2.3ms on a 3070. The subsequent ones being negligible (~.05ms less).

EDIT: Example:


(“fat ray” being a user profile just encompassing the raycast call)

Is there any reason that worldroot:Raycast() will return nil if it hits a MeshPart further than 2k studs, but will return the hitPart if it’s a normal Part?

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