Upload Decals / Upload Audio on Create page just opens the same page in a New Tab

Just last week I was uploading Decals using the Create page. Now the upload form has been replaced by a button that says “Upload Decals.” Clicking on this button just opens the Create page in a new tab, leading to an endless loop. I cannot upload decals or audio from the website any more.

Page URL: https://create.roblox.com/dashboard/creations?activeTab=Decal



Thanks for flagging this - I’m raising it to the team ASAP as I can also replicate this issue.


Not sure if this is related, but I cannot currently click on any gamepasses on the Create page.

And when I do get in somehow, it gives me a 404.

Furthermore, the upload button has disappeared from the Avatar Items pages too if you already have items uploaded. Cannot see the box at the top to upload another item.

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Same, I’m having this kind of problem too about not seeing the upload assets on the decal or whatever else section. Someone needs to fix this!

I’m also not able to create any gamepasses because of this,

Seems like it’s fixed for me now, have a try again?


Apologies for this - the issue should now be resolved. The team is investigating the root cause and will be following up to help ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.


I was also unable to click/edit gamepasses. Seems like this was related and got resolved as well, just thought I’d give a heads up.

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