[USD] TA9 Studios looking for an UI Arstist for an upcoming simulator

Hello there, reader!

Tankattack9 Studios is looking for an UI Artist for an upcoming simulator.


Your task would be to create the entire UI for our simulator.

This includes:

  • Basic screen UI with stats and buttons.

  • Chest opening UI

  • Pets Images

  • Shop UI

  • Item Images

  • Particles

(Just the images, no scripting.)

For the most part we are going to give you detailed descriptions of what we want, in limited cases you would need to help us come up with some solutions.

We are also looking for someone we can work long term in the future.


  • Previous work on any game.

  • Experience creating the entire UI for a game.

  • Experience with creating some particles. (Atleast mild.)

  • Having a discord account.

  • Having a decent portfolio.


The style would be this simplistic sweet style we see in alot of simulators.

Examples of UI




Payment is negotiable. However:

  • Payment MUST be in USD through Paypal.

  • We will pay for portions of the UI one by one, rather than ordering the entire UI from the go.

To discuss payment, you must name your price first.


  • Primarly contact us via my DevForum messages. Then we can move to discord.

Thank you for reading,

Patrick, TA9 Studios.


Hello! I might be interested in this opportunity! ([outdated and closed])

Discord: Daffyz#0078

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Here’s my portfolio: EGOTISMS: The leading UI/UX Designer [AVAILABLE FOR BRAND DEALS & MORE]

Could I apply for UI Designer, I have Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 and Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Past Work

UI Imported Into Studio

Organized in PhotoShop

Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10

My Prices are fairly Cheap and I work on a schedule.
Feel Free to contact me.

Do you have a portfolio? It would be useful.

I’m interested! https://devforum.roblox.com/t/ash-ui-designer/320990/

Hi, I’m a veteran developer, I want to ask you something in private, my discord is: Nicolas DEV # 4794

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