Username Lookup V1.5 - Swoop exploiters away (Made for cafes and other other games like that)

well the 2 is true but i still dont agree with 1. This is not like movement hacking there is not a lot of methods that allow you to hide your name once you find a method that kicks them when its empty name after that even if you see someone find a bypass you can just update your script again and eventually the all methods(which is not a lot) will stop working

Trust me I know how they do it and how to unpatch it their are using their character hats they don’t put them in the workspace they use network and make a fake player with that but the tool detects that

Well then you could make a script that kicks that player if they do that but anyways this tool is also good but manual

This is very helpful and will benefit my game in a lot of ways thanks for the contribution!

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Yea I know but that but they can just bypass it every time I don’t wanna waste my time into something that they can bypass it in 2 seconds xd

If they can bypass that thing then cant they bypass your username lookoup tool too?

No, a anticheat is very bypassable but with this it’s humans not a script that can false flag or get bypassed in 2 seconds soo no they cannot bypass the tool for now (if they do Imma update it but it’s better than a anticheat)

Not really, as i said username hiding is not like movement hacking there are practically 1-2 methods out there once you fix all of them they will be gone.

But anyway depending on how you coded your own tool if you used something like hit.Parent.Name it will be impossible to bypass but with an auto kicker script like i said you just fix few or 1 method(s) and all of them get kicked automatically with it being impossible to bypass unless roblox makes a new update and a new vulnerability is found again, but anyway would you choose manually banning every username hider or a kick script that does everything automatically that you can fix its vulnerabilities since you cant play ur game 24/7 or a staff that guards every server 24/7

Honestly, I dont see the purpose of this. It isnt hard to just insert basic admin, or any other free/open sourced admin and just kick/ban them. And plus, this is very simple which is great for beginners but, still just this tool isnt very practical, and looks bulky/old in a professional setting.

That is just my opinion on this, I hope I didnt offend you.


It’s to get the usernames of exploiters faster or find their username if they are hiding it

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You can still do that with regular admin commands…

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Yes, but you need their name to ban them. The exploit that cheaters use here is hide their name on their avatar. If you have a really big game then you wont be able to find the cheater’s avatar on leaderboard or the ESC menu, even if somehow you wanted to search it they probably would use some exploit that makes their avatar different anyway. What does this tool do is you click on their avatar and you get their name so you can ban them.

You have a point, but its still bulky.

I dont understand what you mean. When you cannot get their name, then you cannot ban them and this tool tries to solve that.

New Display Name update coming soon what it will mean to Username Lookup

  • Username Lookup wont have any problems with this new update.
  • And with the new Display Name update, exploiters can change their username
    but Username Lookup will still get their real username no matter what soo it wont be broken.
  • Maybe more people will get Username Lookup for manual Moderation because of the new Display Name update.

Hope this new update will make Username Lookup known!! ^^

If you have any question or something you want me to add in Username Lookup then make sure to reply to this message.