Using api.roblox to get ones Robux number

Recently I have been asking radical questions and getting VERY RAD answers. Now idk how to use and want to accomplish getting the Robux amount of a player to… I guess make a game flex ur robux B). the documentation yea it doesnt have many things… But I bet you guys might!

I don’t quite think there’s an API to check a player’s Robux since it would be a privacy concern.

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then why does one exist? didnt you click the link?

I’m pretty sure you’re only able to get your own amount of Robux. Could be wrong, their API usually confuses me. :skull:

heck it confuses the hell out of me.

pretty sure not. you still would have to insert the id and if so… i can still display it to the server. so thats a wrong statement. Now the question is still to be answered.

HOW DA HACC DO A USE IT? Because I got pea brain.

You can refer to this topic: Gui that shows your current Robux balance?

same as the last thing you said… There is 100% a reason that exists a 100 TRILLION% reason it exists

You can only get the balance of the authenticated account

You make a GET request to and you should get a json response with a “robux” field (don’t forget to provide the .ROBLOSECURITY in the request headers)

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Many people don’t consent to share their Robux amount, which makes it a privacy concern. That API is most likely only for the authenticated player.

well thanks then ill try it right now!

yea I know I will add a option to hide Robux display.

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HttpService is not allowed to access ROBLOX resources 

any idea how to fix that?

You need a proxy to access roblox api from within roblox

Plus what you’re trying to make isn’t gonna work, because you can’t access people’s security token (which is required to see the robux balance)

I am trying to see my own robux balance… also how would i then use a proxy?

Use the search bar, I’ve seen several open-source proxies on the devforum.

If you decide to use someone else’s proxy, I recommend you fork and host it on your own website, that way any sensitive info (like your .ROBLOSECURITY token) you send won’t be visible to anyone but you

If you only want to do this then just open in your browser and it should show your robux since the authentication token is already passed from your browser cookies

If user is not you, then you will probably get a result 0. Since we are unable to get them (ex. how much a gamepass was sold) you will not be able to get it due to privacy

ok but how do implement it in roblox