Using local video files for videoframes!

So, stated here:

It says to get a asset file from the user content directory you must use:


which I have, but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t say it cant find it or request failed but It just doesn’t play, I can imagine you can use local files for videoframes, SINCE! when clonetrooper made a studio master exe thingy that made you get access to videoframes, well, that used, the localfiles, so imguessing I should be able to do this!

Inside the video property in my videoframe I have set it to this: rbxasset://robloxx.mp4

in which I have the video in my content directory, please help me with this!

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Hello @Skiloopski!! VideoFrames are still in Beta and are only Limited to this Collection of Videos that are approved and made by Roblox. I believe that Local files for Videoframes will be a future feature but right now you can’t. You can see more info on Videoframes here: Introducing Videos in the Marketplace!.

Also, Happy Birthday!!


alright thanks! ( charssssssssssssss )