Using SetAsync() On a Table error

Hello there, Im trying to make a data save system for tables but its not saving, Could somebody possibly tell me how to? Here is my script:

   local PlayerData = {
         Money = Money.Value,
         Coins = Coins.Value

   I did the GetAsync/Pcall part.

    DataStore:SetAsync(Key, PlayerData)

I also tried doing a for loop for it and saving v but it doesnt work.

Any help is appreciated!

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Do you get any errors?
You did not provide a lot of code either, it’s hard to tell.

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Hey There
Someone else has just posted a tutorial on this. There are a great many of these tutorials out here. Remember, searching is almost always better than posting repeat questions.
Here is a tutorial.

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I said I wanted to create a table saving system and no there are any errors.

that tutorial is for saving tables

Okay, I will take a look at it.

smacks head
Seriously, as if I didn’t understand the question.


Oh lol i just realized i though he replied to u, but he replied to Syclya lol my bad