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RoRift [v1.1]

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Why I made this module

We’ve all had it at least once. You are searching the Roblox library for a working Fortnite rift, but get tons of results that don’t even look like a rift. That’s why I’m introducing RoRift, THE module for creating Fortnite rifts in Studio. And the module which could be really useful for live events.


module.new(CFrame, color)
This function will create a rift once fired. The position and orientation are determined by a CFrame, and the color is determined by a ColorSequence. This will be explained in depth at the Example Scripts. But if no CFrame is specified, the rift will not appear, and a warning will show up in the Output.

Example Scripts

Script inside of a Part with a ProximityPrompt

local rift = require(path.to.Module)
local prompt = script.Parent.ProximityPrompt
local RiftAppear = script.Parent.RiftPos

local debounce = true

  if debounce == true then
    debounce = false
    rift.new(RiftAppear.CFrame, Color3.new(0, 0, 0))

    debounce = true



  • Removed :setup() function
  • Replaced :Remove() with :Destroy()
  • Removed unnecessary Position and Orientation and replaced them with CFrame.
  • Changed wait() to task.wait() to make it function faster
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All feedback is appreciated, and feel free to suggest new features!


It’s good but it can surely be better, I see you used it for a kind of explosion effect in the sky, I noticed one thing:
When it disappeared it didn’t disappear smoothly, I could see the change s in transparency, otherwise good job!


That was because I was using Roblox’s built-in recording program which caused a lot of lag. I’ve updated the post now and because I’ve used a different recording program, you’ll see the rift in a lot more detail.

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Oh okay, it looks way better now, I might see this being used for giant explosions, good job!

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I’m very interesting in learning how special effects like this are made. This is very well made! I bookmarked this!


I could use this for a game im working on!! An btw this looks amazing!


image how do i fix this @RubenHgamer

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Create a folder in ServerStorage called “ModuleScripts” and put the RiftModule in the folder.


I appreciated it! It’s too amazing! This could be used on my big project, for sure I will credit you too @RubenHgamer

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This is such an amazing effect! I’d recommend making more VFX in the future because this is astonishingly well done.

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very cool, but it utilizes particles which can give some problems from a distance. consider using billboards or the :Emit() function on particles. good work

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this was the most random thing ive seen that actually looks good


It’ s the absolute worst, I hate it. I will never use it, it’ s very useless and very low quality.
I absolutely love it!


Theres a lot of mixed feelings in this comment lol.


I improved the script so it’s less invasive, and also more efficient. It can also run on both the client and server.


  • wait() replaced with task.wait()
  • Server script code moved to a :Spawn() object method
  • Removed redundant :setup() function
  • Module can be parented anywhere to work
  • Rift.new() will return an object (OOP) instead of nothing

@RubenHgamer I’ll try to remember to send it here, later.

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they also use :remove() instead of :destroy() to cleanup may be good to add that as well

This really looks great! I can potentially see myself using this module in the future, it’s an excellent resource! Awesome job on this! :smile:

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Update time!


  • Removed :setup() function
  • Replaced :Remove() with :Destroy()
  • Removed unnecessary Position and Orientation and replaced them with CFrame.
  • Changed wait() to task.wait() to make it function faster
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I haven’t tested it and I don’t know yet the method by which this was created, but I’m sure if you were to separate the images of the Rift And you upscale them at different times would be more cool