[V2] Free Blocky Models & Unions Pack

Yes, use a decal if you’d like.

Is this good or add smth?
Tell me what to add:

Very good add a logo/text on the bottom gap, I really like the cartoony theme you used.

the trees remind me of minecraft lol

also all the models look a bit off

I hope you can fix them

but It’s good btw

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What to add in the bottom send me an image or just a text to put it in google and get the image

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The only thing you should do is actually fix it your self.

I’m going to fix them now. I will try to fix them



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Do what ever you want to do with those logos I sent you.

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Now use the plugin I sent you, then update your model.

I can’t do it
I can’t make the image fill all of the screen

Send image, let me do it and send model to you.

No, thats off-platform this is on-platform.

Don’t make fight again + U see YouTubers and some games have roblox logo* in these images/logos and icons

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Same with boostrapers, its very funny when someone is wrong.

Pls don’t public it, Just right-click on the model click save to file, and send me the file

Too late, told me at wrong time :sob: