[V2] Free Blocky Models & Unions Pack


Actually show your resource. What am I supposed to take away from this?

You can see from the blurred background.

here you go, this is the actual resource

Fixed Get the model now.: https://roblox.com/library/14780235031/Blocky-Models

I can suggest adding images so people see what they get without going to the Creator Marketplace.
And the thumbnail is probably breaking Roblox Logo Community usage

there’s some reply about it

im replying to someone, and im already aware of that because he said this

Amazing, he even provided 4 different variations of a credit sign…

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Outdated version I fixed some things edited skybox and added many things

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It’s a sign I made it and edited the size and I made a text label and put credits into the text

Here is the updated one

do u made this? screenshot>? n

yes, I have made the screenshot

Guys can someone tell me what to add I have no idea what to add

Add the crewmate from the hitgame among us

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blocky among us? (amongus)???