[v2] RoRift | Create a Fortnite-like rift in an instant

I’ve made a small update, and now the module should work wherever you place it. It used to have a script inside the rift part and in that script, the rift would require the module to read some settings, but that’s gone now.

I don’t understand how can I make the rift active with an proximity promt

You need to put the module on a location like ServerStorage or ReplicatedStorage, and then call the function .new() when you use a proximity prompt on the module after you required it from a script.

How do you mean call function new()

Im not a scripter im very new to scripting

You can also copy the example script and put it inside a part with a proximity prompt and a part with the name “RiftPos”.

I try it out but the „path“ is everytime orange underlined

That’s because you need to replace “path.to.module” with the location of where you put the module.
Before using ModuleScripts, consider reading the documentation ModuleScripts.

And what I need to write when the module script is in workspace

Then just type

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Okay and the part whit the proximity script need to have the name „Part“

This is cool and all - but i was expecting it to teleport you like an actual Fortnite’s rift lol

All you have to do is add a few extra lines of code:

local plr = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
local plrChar = plr.Character


Inside the code somewhere, insert this

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Yeah, I figured, I was just saying! Cool nonetheless.

Roblox has a serious issue with loading videos on the Devforum, a god damn 720p 14 second video takes like 5 seconds to load and when it does it plays for like a moment then starts loading again. :joy:

What is a fortnite rift? I don’t know what that is… is it the battlebus or something?

Fortnite rifts or sky rifts are the cracks in the sky that occasionally appear as part of the Fortnite storyline or as transportation.


Possible video tutorial on how to set this up? I’m a lil bit confused with the directions so far.

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Currently working on a new version that will be easier to read and makes use of OOP, so the rift can be activated again without creating a new rift.
(It is my first time using OOP so it might take a while before I’ll release it.)

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The V2 Update is here!

It’s been some time but it’s finally here! The completely reworked version of RoRift!

What is new?

  • Added different types of Rifts
  • New, even more satisfying shockwave particles
  • Added ability to change the size of Rifts
  • Rift no longer automatically disappears
  • Moved away from making 2D Rifts and created 3D Rifts
  • module.new() function no longer instantly creates a visible Rift
  • module.new() function now returns a RiftObject
  • Added RiftObject:Appear() function
  • Added RiftObject:Close() function
  • Added RiftObject:ObjectEnter() function
  • Added RiftObject:SetCFrame() function
  • Added RiftObject:SetColor() function
  • Added RiftObject:SetSize() function
  • Added RiftObject:Destroy() function

Fun fact: For this update of RoRift, I learned OOP (Object Orientated Programming) in just one week. Thanks to this DevForum post.