[v3!] TopbarPlus v3.0.0 | Construct intuitive topbar icons; customise them with themes, dropdowns, captions, labels and much more

Oops my bad seems to have in stalled a old version, but very cool do you plan to continue developing it, adding new features?

i dont get whats wrong, could anyone help me here?

You cannot declare variables inside a table {}.

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has anyone figured out a solution for this? im havin the same issue

have you tried using icon:setProperty(“deselectWhenOtherIconSelected”, true) instead

Ya, i did thats the issue tho it deselects the other icon thats inside the other menu, when its supposed to only deselect the ones inside the menu

there seems to be an issue with Captions, their size ratio compared to the icons is kinda big.

the inset can change depending on the device.

@GalacticInspired @K0_zzy
Thanks for the bug reports, I’ll investigate soon.

Also please use TopbarSafeInsets:
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Is there a way to forcefully disable the topbar, I have a topbar linked to a frame, and I want the frame to go away at a certain time, but when I set the visibility of the frame. The topbar appears to still be activated, how can I change this?

How do i fix the cyclic module dependency error? I can’t use the module at all because of this

Hey, for the Old Theme, how to make the text size doesn’t change on hover or selected or deselected? Just for old theme.

Im on mobile right now so this will automatically switch between old and new? Me having to only replace the module?

Have problem with giving tool by Admin because it gives me 2 tools. They have simillar names.

I’ve been getting problems trying to deselect a dropdown when another dropdown is selected.

If anyone can help, i would appreciate it.

Here the code for both buttons (characters and settings):

-- // Characters
local characters = topbarPlus.new()
    characters:bindEvent("selected", function()
		print ("selected")
    characters:bindEvent("deselected", function()
		print ("deselected")

-- // Settings
local settingss = topbarPlus.new()
    settingss:bindEvent("selected", function()
	    print ("selected")
    settingss:bindEvent("deselected", function()
	    print ("deselected")
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How do I make it so that only certain menus can be selected, like, without playing the selection color but still retaining functionality like what tsb does. Edit: I just made a custom theme, feel free to message me with any other solutions, even if you don’t think it’s better

do there is a way to put sound when you click on something?
or i need to script it myself?

Hi all, just an update to let you know that v3 is looking to be released around next week to support the new changes and a codebase overhaul:

I’m reading all your replies and DMs even if I can’t get back to most, thanks for your feedback

Here’s some pineapple for your incredible patience :pineapple:


Is there a way to make it so the icons are one click instead of select and deselect?