VaIerianMengsk | Sci-Fi Builder



Hello, I’ve been on Roblox since 2011, and have been developing for a few years now. I specialize in military and sci-fi themed builds, and have developed for several sci-fi groups in the past. I use Roblox Studio and Blender to produce my builds, and also dabble in graphic art.




C-14 Marine%20Helmet%20Icon High%20Command%20Icon


I am available to work roughly up to four hours during the weekdays, and around ten on the weekends. I am only accepting small scale projects at the moment.

I accept both USD and Robux, and have no preference regarding which one I am paid with.

The fastest way to reach me is through Discord, Valerian#3248, though I do check the DevForum daily for messages.


Amazing guy and builder! He’s a great guy to hire!


Amazing work there! Very professional!


I have contacted you on discord! Amazing work I see here.


Gotta say you are awesome and super talented keep up this awesome work man.


super groovy