Hello everybody, among recent event’s that involves smaller game’s servers being crashed by malicious individuals who have access to botnet’s.

With some API system’s that essentially collect game server’s IP Addresses on ROBLOX - @Vainvorhayn & I have decided to release VainLock [v.1] which is an open-source Game Hub System.



Step 1 - Scroll down in “ServerHandler”, and change where it says GROUPIDHERE to your Game’s Group ID
Step 2 - Change the number next to it, to whichever role ID of the lowest ranked player you would like to allow to make new servers.

The above steps are to make it so only certain individuals can create new servers. Since there is currently no additional code which automatically deletes the servers after they are a certain age with no players, you will want to make sure it’s only highly trusted people. To prevent you from having an absurd amount of servers existing in your hub.

Step 3 - Change:

local placeId = 6924416661 to the placeId of the place you’d like them to be teleported to. (This would be the place that actually has your game located in it, not the hub itself.)

This is how you can create a new place:


Know anybody that will certainly cause malicious actions against your game? Direct yourself to the Blacklist module script. From here you can change it such as so:


return {
	players = {
		["playeryoudontlike"] = theirid,
	groups = {
		["goupyoudontlike"] = groupid,
		rankLock = 2


return {
	players = {
		["ClockworkHavoc"] = 464097185,
	groups = {
		["Fedora ®"] = 974432,
		rankLock = 2

“rankLock” is irrelevant as it was a part of a system which would allow you to lock access to server’s to only players that are a certain rank within your community’s ROBLOX group. This may be implemented back into one of the future updates as an easy option to enable.


It is important to note that this will not completely stop attacks on your servers, as they can still do this manually. However they would then need to join the server manually and then go through files in order to grab the server’s IP. Giving you time to ban their alt before they can rejoin the server. This is an ideal system in order to prevent the attack’s as much as possible.

As noted, servers do not delete themselves over time as they are just saved to the datastore. So please make sure you only give highly trusted individuals access to creating servers.


  • Server’s automatically delete after x amount of time of having x amount of players or less in the server.

  • Better control’s including enabling/disabling certain blacklist features with ease.

  • Other features that may be suggested from this devforum post.


VAINLOCKV1.rbxl (57.7 KB)


@Vainvorhayn for releasing the original copy of this.

@ClockworkHavoc for modifying the scripts to be compatible for open-source release.

@KleinFalkenhayn for originally providing the code of this to @Vainvorhayn


All developer’s that have coordinated with the release of this open-source game hub do not accept any donations, and do not intend on accepting any donations in the future for this release. This release is to help provide better security to game’s and protect developer’s work until ROBLOX can find an appropriate way to patch a lot of these issues that small-game developer’s have been experiencing.


Thank you Clock, this is gonna help a lot of people out.


Couldn’t of provided this to the public if it wasn’t for @Vainvorhayn and @KleinFalkenhayn - they are the real ones to credit here in my opinion.


why not a script that measures the latency between the server and several clients.
if that latency grows too much you do a soft shutdown (teleport everyone to a temp private server then to a public server)

idk if you can ddos trough a character tho

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The problem with this is the unreliability compared to this system.

We have brainstormed a system like that, however if you haven’t experienced any of these attacks yourself - then you just don’t understand. Every single thing freezes up in game, including the scripts. Even to have it fire off and teleport everybody at a certain threshold wouldn’t quite work. When they hit servers, the ping spikes right off the bat and the next thing you know; you’re immobile.

DDoSing servers is in fact a real thing on ROBLOX currently, I didn’t believe it myself at first. I have forwarded all of the information that I personally have regarding all of this to ROBLOX, and that’s the most I can do.

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