Values showing 1.8399999... when in a GUI, but in the properties it is 1.84


I don’t really know how to explain the problem, but in the GUI the value is shown with a lot of 9s, but in the properties of the value, it is shown correctly. Please help me! (This is happening after I add/take from the NumberValue from a script, such as buying an item)

The GUI:

Screenshot 2022-04-10 182810

The Value:

Screenshot 2022-04-10 183033


Ah precision errors strike again, try rounding to the nearest hundredth on your GUI.

Try the solution of this post

BTW Here is the solution to that post fixed to your use case

local roundDecimals = function(num, places) --num is your number or value and places is number of decimal places, in your case you would need 2
    places = math.pow(10, places or 0)
    num = num * places
    if num >= 0 then 
        num = math.floor(num + 0.5) 
        num = math.ceil(num - 0.5) 
    return num / places

local textUi = pathToText

textUi.Text = roundDecimals(pathToNumberValue.Value, 2)

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You definitely want to round the numbers, if there isn’t a specific reason why this happens, the best way to fix it is by rounding.

Yep, it works very well! Thank you a lot!

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