VectorForce acting weird


I’m trying to create a sort of freefalling/skydiving mechanic without actually falling. Essentially, the player is teleported to a platform where their controls are bound over and a free-falling animation plays. Then a vectorForce controls player movement, and AlignOrientation aligns the player to face the mouse on the Y axis only.

Here’s how VectorForce is set up:

local VecForce ="VectorForce",humRoot)
VecForce.Enabled = false
VecForce.Force =,0,0)
VecForce.Attachment0 = a0
VecForce.RelativeTo = Enum.ActuatorRelativeTo.Attachment0
VecForce.ApplyAtCenterOfMass = true

Attachment 0 is attached to the HumanoidRootPart.

Here is how movement is intended to look (PlatformStand on)

Here is how the movement looks (PlatformStand off)

I’m not sure why VectorForce is so slow with PlatformStand off, or why it gains so much speed when you combine two directions (Like north and south of the player). I’m assuming it has something to do with PlatformStand disabling physics, and maybe with PlatformStand on it creates more friction.

You can also see in the second video the player appears to be climbing/crawling? Im not sure how this is possible, or why the player is doing this.

I need PlatformStand to be off. I also have tried changing the VectorForce force, but that creates more problems when moving at an angle as the speed becomes ridiculous.

Any ideas on a solution?

I apologize if the videos aren’t formatted right, its my first time using videos in a DevForum post.

There is a lot of issues here which I can explain.

However I’m not entirely sure what you want, like why do you need platform stand to be off? I’m pretty sure you can find a work around either way.

Animations can overlap probably your animation + the default free falling animation. Platform stand is recommend as it will disable all default animations.

Make sure to .Unit the vector and make sure the magnitude of the vector force is the same value when you combine the two directions.

Yep PlatformStand disables the humanoid physics which has a drag force basically. This is one of the reasons why I created a PhysicsCharacterController in order to be able to control this drag force.

Originally I wanted platform stand to be off because it doesn’t turn as well when trying to change the Y-Axis to face the mouse, however at this point I think it will be easier to fix that then all the other problems that are popping up without platform stand.

Huh, I didn’t know that was possible because I have the falling animation set to action priority and I was under the assumption that all default animations are the core priority.

I didn’t even think of that, I’ll definitely do that.

Ah, ok. I looked at your controller and it seems pretty handy, I’ll look in to if it has application into my project, but i’ll probably just end up enabling platformStand.

As for now I think I’ll just mark your reply as the solution because I’ll try platformStand and see how far I can get with that, it seems like the lesser of two evils.

Thanks for all your help, and your in-depth answer.

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