Vehicle Seats no longer clip through parts after the camera update

The Vehicle Seat no longer allows users to zoom out/clip through parts overhanging their point of view. This was a valuable feature to vehicles that have roofs, so that the user could drive the vehicle in a 3rd person point of view. it is greatly confusing our players right now in SharkBite and Backpacking.

Not sure if this was deliberate or a glitch, here’s what the view looks like in our game’s vehicles right now

Hope this can get fixed,

Many thanks



This was also a feature for a dropship style vehicle used for my group and now you cannot see where you are flying to as the “pilot cockpit” is enclosed.

Same issue here, can’t have the camera look outside my spacecraft.

This also happens in Car Crash Simulator; I was playing it with my friends last night and the most troublesome part was that in some vehicles like the buses, trucks with trailers, and that one train, the camera was forced into the interior and I couldn’t see where I was going unless I held down the right mouse button (to prevent auto-centering) and aimed the camera at a specific angle.

You can fix this by overriding the new camera scripts with your own fix.

Elaborating upon the ‘fix’ would be helpful.

Use old camera scripts from this post , fixed a separate camera issue I had

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I have looked into that, thank you, but I wanted to keep the current Poppercam update with smooth zoom. I’ll have to weigh out the pros and cons I guess but at the same time this should be fixed.