Vehicle Throttle sticking to -1 bug [Roblox bug?]

Howdy folks

Within the last week my game’s vehicles miracously broke. I’m not going to point fingers right away but something is strange here.

Essentially, I sit in the vehicle seat. I press the W key. I press Esc (to tab out), press again, and lo and behold VehicleThrottle is stuck to -1, in permanent reverse.

This bug randomly popped up in the last week, and since vehicle scripts use Throttle it’s of course causing chaos for everyone in game.

Any insights here or if this is actually a roblox problem please let me know.


It doesn’t seem to be doing that in my game.
Are you checking for any inputs while you run your steering script? Maybe try putting in some print commands to see where the script is getting tripped up.

I thought the same.

I disabled my scripts for vehicles and ran this ‘bug’ again. The vehicle seat still glitched. Unfortunately, this bug doesn’t happen for other games.

I’m guessing my Vehicle seat is bugged.

Can confirm it’s likely a roblox problem. Moving my scripts and cars to a blank baseplate caused the Throttle bug to fix itself.

It is likely that my game place, which has a massive amount of physics data and objects and is quite an old file at this point, has become corrupted somehow.

Related car problem, same of which fixed itself on a new place file:

Edit: Moving everything to a new place file didn’t fix the bug (with all the objects inserted also). If I had to guess I’d say the empty baseplate allows everything to work normally, but the massive amount of objects in my game causes some problems. I’ll have to do more research.

Last post:

It doesn’t seem as complex as I thought previously.

Not only do you have to not be already pressing a key and press Esc, you only have to simply press the Esc key and your vehicle seat is permanently on negative throttle.

Again I’ll post again if I find out if this is somehow a glitch on my part (no evidence for that so far)

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