I would like to create a way to walk where you start of slow, and overtime gradually gain speed,
however I do not want to use complicated things like uh, player:Move(Direction), I know how to use them, for now, please tell me how I can get user input for when a player wants to move forward. OR any direction!
Now dont go typing UserInputService and all that
I want it for touch screen too, I cant get WASD input from a touch device, pleaae help!

cool video :0

Try using the new humanoid controller for this. Or you can lower the density of all the parts in the character. For example,

for _,obj in pairs(script.Parent:GetDescendants())do if obj:IsA("BasePart")then,1,1) end end

It works ok, but its not exaggerated enough, I would like the player to start of with like 0 speed, and then slowly build up, thank you though! This is the difference it made!
A small slide and less friction but not much!

:sunglasses: thx anyway, you cool

Change the shopping cart’s density as well.

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oh :0
thx, it worked but is there a way to script this? I can never trust roblox physics, I wont mark your post a solution just yet, I need people to answer the question, your answer will be a temporary fix, thx! :happy4:

Not quite yet. A workaround is to change the max slope height to 0, but you could also use a free resource: PhysicsCharacterController | Mover Constraints based character controller

Or, my favorite solution, use the new humanoid controller: New Humanoid Physics Controller - Beta