Verified boost in game

I have recently saw games like bedwars and pet sim x making Twitter Verified boosts. Is there a module or HTTP request that I could use to make one?


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I am also curious about this. I will be tracking this post to keep things updated when there’s an actual answer or somewhat promising one.

This feature is extremely useful! I’m pretty sure, my guess is; you insert your Twitter alias along with your Twitter name in a TextBox, and then it gets fired; an HTTP request will be made after that, and I think they have some sort of Twitter API to access these things? To check whether that textbox’s text is following this account or not. If not, it will send an invalid assertion, of both actions; incorrect/invalid user and didn’t follow. Either way, it’s still not a valid answer and the API is unknown. I’ve never seen a Twitter API being used in the forum or Roblox (except just now because of those 2 games), or maybe others had been using this in the past and that I didn’t know. If this completes it, it will be a great addition to my game and others as well. It can give various benefits, and much more. I don’t think Roblox has any rack against Twitter other than Discord so yeah. If Bedwars and Pet Simulator X can do it, why can’t we?

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There’s an in-game prompt which requests for the user’s twitter handle, once submitted the game uses the available Twitter api to query if the user has liked/retweeted some tweet or followed some user. If this check returns as true then that user is given the offered rewards.

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Hmm, interesting. What could be the available Twitter API queries? I’m very looking forward to it if there’s a link or a video I’d be glad to.


Thanks so much! You’re a saver. I never knew about this site before; probably because I’m a dummy and never went to it especially when I rarely use Twitter. But again, thank you. I’ll try to recreate the system and see what type of results I get.

Did you manage to do anything? Sorry for replying 3 months but I’m interested in doing the same thing but can’t get the hang of it

Nope, still have never found out how to do it. Gave up around a week after this post

basicallyrbx#0800 and I’ll walk you through it

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Hey, Could you walk me through how you made it, I’m unaware how to authorize tokens

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Hello! I need help with this. I tried to send you friend req but its a invalid user.

Sorry for answering so many months later.


this is the most I can say since I haven’t looked into other ways ever since I made this post