Video issues in Roblox Studio

Hi, I would like to ask you. Why does this show me when I want to put a video on “canvas” and in a video from “SharkBlox” it looks completely different. That’s why I want to ask you how to do it so that the video goes to “Part”. Well thank you!


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The video has to be put inside a Surface GUI which is must be put inside any part (not sure if this works with normal GUIs, it probably does). Then, you also have to go to the Properties of the video and enable the “Playing” property. You may read the announcement about videos here: Introducing Videos in the Marketplace!

You can read this:

to enable the Video Frame was using a part. in that part, you need to select Surface GUI so that the video Frame stick at the part that you use. After you select Surface GUI, you go to the market place and Search Video in the market place. After you find you a perfect Video, drag it into the Surface GUI and that it now your video frame was in your Surface GUI but If you want to play a video, you need to open the property and tik Right on “PLAY” and “LOOP” if you wanna play over and over again

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