ViewportFrame Camera System

Alright, so I did a thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty basic stuff.
PC is nearly a decade old, only ever replaced the Graphics Card (to a GTX 750 ti)

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I’d say thanks to your system not constantly deleting / readding items, this could be used in a production game.
Having that FramesPerSecond variable would enable users who have a bad PC to decrease the FPS of the rendered image, or completely disable rendering all together and have a static image. Though I feel like updating CFrames instead of deleting / readding moving items would be much better.

Can’t wait until Roblox adds in Skybox, Particles, Beams, and everything else to ViewPortFrames. This is a really good way to make reflections and everything else I think. Just have to wait for it to go live for games. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do not use this in a production game. I cannot stress that enough. This is nowhere near fast enough, nor are ViewportFrames. They fail to render many things (like Terrain, particles, etc) and this slows down exponentially as you increase the part count.

I do appreciate the sentiment!

If anyone want to try messing with this “dual render” scope system, here you go!
CameraViewPortACOG.rbxl (222.9 KB)

(I added a NonPlayerObjectsFPS variable to the beginning of the script. It works in theory but in practice it ends up too slow to actually do what you ask :frowning: @TheRings0fSaturn)

You can see how the NPCs render smoother than the balls and crates!


I am a bit curious on how accurate the scope actually is, or if there’s a bit of an offset that could throw your aim off.

I’ll see if I can figure out why the FPS variable isn’t working. That’s a bit odd I think.

CameraViewPortACOG.rbxl (193.7 KB)
Have fun with this lol


Looks super cool. I will definitely try this out! Got a question, how long did it take you to do this?

Just one day, but all of that day😅

I was working on it all day yesterday, except for a few breaks here and there.

Updated OP with version 3!

Implemented all the polish and optimization from the Dual Render Scope, so now it can run at 60FPS even with a large map!


Didn’t even know this was possible! Hope to see more new projects coming from you.

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This is very interesting for a security system with camera’s and monitors.

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Super fun implementation of this! I quickly made an RC car system, and used it as a camera so I have a system similar to R6S that lets players keep peripheral vision while piloting their drone!


Is that Rainbow Six Siege in Roblox I hear?

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Basically exists

This is really cool! I just wish there were an API in place that would let us do this… you know… without these types of hacks? I’ve heard it’s in the works, we just have to wait.

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wow I can’t wait for ViewportFrames to be fully released :smiley:

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With the live release of ViewportFrame, tried to use this on two of my group games but both had errors. Can’t seem to use the newest version or the v3 without suffering errors.

EDIT: Just realized you’re still replicating the entire workspace which is the problem I addressed with raycasting to find what’s available on the camera’s view.

Raycasts are expensive and end up being slower. Instead, I do simple math operations to check if it’s within the FoV.

It works perfectly for me, what errors are you getting?

It’s still replicating everything and lagging tremendously.