ViewportFrame Camera System

Wow man, that’s a very cool functioning camera system. I rate it 10/10.


Hello there, I’m currently using version 2 of the camera system. It works very well, however I’ve encountered a problem. The following is the error.

CFrame is not a valid member of TouchTransmitter "Workspace.Doors.DoorAutoTemplate.Scripted.Reader1.TouchInterest" - Client - ViewportCameraController:36

TouchTransmitter is the object used for Part.Touched
Any idea how to fix this?

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is there a way i can make multiple screens and multiple canmeras

Just duplicate the surface guis (make sure to adorn the main part ofc), and also duplicate the main script and edit it according to its exact parameters.

I know that its too late but, move the surface gui in starter gui and adorn it to the screen. Change the script to its parameters.

I am having an issue. Whenever a character is loaded they are teleported to the screen, is there a way to fix this?

You can delete the line that teleports them to the screen, that was added to the demo so that players end up in the demo area. This has also been asked before, if you scroll up.

Blindly copy pasting demos without reading the code is a bad idea.


Oh I am dumb - sorry for bothering and thank you for helping!

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Slight problem, for some reason. whenever a part gets added or a character gets added, it registers, however when a part/character is removed or deleted. it stays on the camera until you refresh your character. is there any other way to make it so the part gets removed? By the way, sorry for refreshing an old post.

This would have been better if we used Region3/OverlapParams to show parts close to the camera rather than rendering the whole workspace. This is wayy more performant, but i guess this is old now.