ViewportFrame Light Properties Release

Try changing the LightDirection and Color. The light might be in a bad spot.

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I’ve been messing around with it, however it’s just a hassle because I have a script that sets up all the frames for me.


Happy to see viewports getting much needed improvements. Had to adjust some of my models to fix border issues. A great update overall that allows for easier customization of my models in the frame.

I have a few issues to report.

  • Some materials do not render as expected.
Demonstrations of materials:

World Foil:
Viewport Foil:
World Ice:
Viewport Ice:
World Glass: (Transparency 0 and 0.5)
Viewport Glass: (Transparency 0 and 0.5)


  • BackgroundColor3 isn’t accurate, and gives a lighter color than selected



Currently the reflection and background color is too strong. It will be fixed soon.

Some materials have reflections of environment (sky box for the blue tint). ViewportFrame only has a fallback environment color (white) so this will make those materials look different from the scene, which is expected.


That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for explaining!

Does this mean Foil objects and such can’t be used in ViewportFrames? Are there plans to do anything about it later on?

Edit: I’m broken after studying for exams, literally read the words “will be fixed soon” and didn’t compute

If so, in the future, couldn’t we might be able to change the skybox for for more customizable features of a viewport frame?

Also, this will be super useful for changing the settings of viewportframes and more! Thanks Roblox!

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Would be awesome to have Particles in View-port Frames!


We can finally make mirrors with some really hacky tricks

Super happy with these changes! Was wondering when we’d finally be able to configure the lighting of them in order to help blend thr objects in more.

Any plans for allowing surface GUIs/decals to be shown on the rendered image? As well as particles.


The one problem with this update is that it messes up any past use of ViewportFrames that isn’t manually fixed.

I’m afraid that more updates to how ViewportFrames render in the future will mess up some of the stuff I’ve made even further (such as the way Neon looks atm)

Edit: Did ColorCorrectionEffects have an effect on how ViewportFrame items looked in the past? It seems that this update messes up any game that uses color correction, since there is now an inconsistency in coloration.

Everything is pale now. Not sure how to fix this.

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Nevermind, I think I found the issue.

Anything with reflectance now appears really pale, since it reflects the Ambient color. This kind of sucks, but the fix is to disable reflectance for now.

edit: This also seems to affect glass and other naturally reflectant materials.

Looks like splitscreen play opportunities are looking up! A few friends and I have been looking into a project using viewports for splitscreen play, but we shot it down because this wasn’t there. Good to know it is now!


This is Great, it would be even better if they could add the ability to use stuff like ColorCorrection.

I believe this can already be used with ViewportFrame.ImageColor3

Could be wrong though.

I didn’t realize this came out now, I rlly need this for my current project, thanks!:grin:

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