VIP Server Purchases go to the old owner of the game (and group) rather than group funds

Purchases for VIP Servers for a Group Game that I own are currently being directly deposited into the previous owner’s account as opposed to group funds.

The game in question Digimon Aurity used to be owned by fellow DevForum member @Digital_Boy. He transferred it over to a group game via Seranok and Merely, originally we had assumed that perhaps the funds were being direct deposited because he was the owner. But, since then he has stepped down from owner and passed the group on to me. Yet, funds still get directly deposited into his funds as opposed to group funds.

It happens every time a VIP Server purchase is made.

Group in question;

Screenshot of a purchase I made;


Can we see the old owners sales tab? To ensure it goes to them?

Yeah, I’ll get in touch with him right now to get them. I’ll reply back with the screenshots ASAP.

Here you go, sorry it took so long. Digital is quite busy in life now, so he doesn’t have much time online.


I’ve been told that whenever money moves by itself incorrectly you should mark the bug as ROBLOX CRITICAL.

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It isn’t listed as one of the qualifications for ROBLOXCRITICAL bugs, but purchases being lost definitely sounds like it fits the intention. I also agree we should add ROBLOXCRITICAL to the title of the thread. @Nightgaladeld can we update the ROBLOXCRITICAL criteria to include purchases being lost?


Good suggestion. I strongly believe that any unintended currency movement should qualify for a ROBLOXCRITICAL tag. Economy yo…


Just a small bump here, still having the issue.
189 active servers, 105 robux earned from each. None going to the group.
19,845 Robux, not being deposited into the group funds.
I don’t want to disable them, because that straight up cancels them as opposed to putting them on hold.
Plus, this issue isn’t really impacting the players, just the people on payroll.


Thanks for raising this issue. We’ll investigate if we can fix it.


Alright, please let me know if any progress is made.

Bumping to know if there has been any progress at all, even a simple “We’ve looked at the issue” would be better than the silence. The group is still losing ALL VIP server sales.

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Hi ShipooI,

We finally fixed this - all developer product revenue for Digimon Aurity revenue from now on should go to the group. Let me know if you have any issues!


Are you certain it’s fixed?

The original issue was with VIP Server Purchases being redirected to the previous owner, we’ve never had issues with Dev Products.

I just did a quick test, and it would appear VIP Server purchases are still going directly to him. I’ll contact him when I see him online again to verify it does indeed still go directly to his account.


I can confirm I’m still getting the money from VIP servers, or at least they are showing up in my sales.


This hasn’t been fixed in the 8 months it’s been posted for, is there any sort of status update on this? Or should I assume that it’s just abandoned?

Also, if there is anyone out there, is there any way to ensure that the promotional revenue earned by the game is going to the group funds? It can’t be checked in the group’s revenue page, and the game page only shows a graph of earnings. If VIP sales are going to Digital, I don’t see what’d stop promotional revenue from going to him as well.

If anyone does end up looking into solving the issues with VIP Servers, could they also check the game’s other revenue sources to make sure they’re routing correctly to the group funds as we have no way of checking these types of things ourselves.


I believe we fixed this a few months ago – can you confirm that you are still seeing the transactions show up under the previous owner and not the group? If so we will investigate further.

I can confirm that we’re still having this issue, it’s why I bumped this thread.
And it’ll be difficult to get a screenshot from Digital_Boy’s side as he’s very busy with things outside of the platform.

We just made a change which we believe fixes this issue going forward. Please let us know if this works for you.


The issue appears to be resolved, thank you!