Virus in my game teleports players to another game

Hi, I am currently making a cafe and it has been getting a good amount of visits. However, today or yesterday something weird started happening and all players that join the game get teleported to this game: by “vermsquad”. I have searched all the keywords such as getfenv, require, anti, etc. and couldn’t find anything. Also, I have uninstalled all of my plugins. How do I fix this? Any help is appreciated.

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I would highly suggest you read this post.
As it might help with viruses and whatnot


If the game is teleporting users to another game, you should be looking out for keywords such as TeleportService and :Teleport(). I recommend you thouroughly check your scripts as it’s likely you have inserted a model with a script containing this.


Thanks, I have found a few suspicious scripts. It’s probably my friend who is working with me since he has a lot of random plugins.