Vision Studios | Warline, an up-coming hyper-realistic FPS

Who do you actually have on your team so far, and what roles are they fulfilling? I’m afraid you’re gonna have some trouble attracting much talent if you don’t have anything more concrete than a game idea.


I second this, also do you have any robux for down payment in case the game flops?

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: Unfortunately, no. I currently have no team members.

I’m not certain yet. I couldn’t say if yes or no as I’m currently in a bit of a situation. I’m not making any promises although there’s a chance they may be a down payment.

What is your role in the game’s development team? Those percentages add up to 100% but you didn’t say what roles you’ll do yourself.

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Where’s your portfolio? It seems that you’re looking for experienced developers for all categories of development. You never mentioned your role in all of this. I will assume you will be our manager. If so, how will we know our precious time will not be wasted by someone with little-to-no managerial experience?

I’m not taking any money for myself as I feel that the team actually deserve it once the project has been completed to my needs.

Well, If there’s nothing in it for you why do you want to do it then?

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I was literally just about to ask that question. That alone raises some red flags about the project.


Also to add to this, on your profile it says “I like to start games and not finish them”

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That’s the case when I do them on my own…
I can promise you it’s a whole new case when it comes to studios.

I’m not trying to be sketchy. I want the team to take the money have a bigger title to their name.

(I’m not a scammer obviously)

I have managerial experience outside of Roblox.

All talk no walk. Such as? (30 char)

I don’t have photos however I could try and recover some. Sound good?

Are you able to pay in USD?

I might be able to 3d Model Realisitc guns by parts

Exchange rates apply though. I’ll probably be able to do it but again exchange rates do apply. :slight_smile:

Ulfhednar#5723 send me a dm and lets talk further

Hello Cinema_Sin,

This is a very interesting proposal but when it comes to a project of this scale developers on the project tend to need some assurance that their work will not go to waste or/and that you are as they say “legit” especially when it comes to a fairly obscure studio requesting members for a project of this scale, this is not a dig at you just how I see this situation.

My advice would be to provide some assurance on your end by talking about your experience in the area, proof and possibly a legal document assuring and confirming the exact specifications of the job due to the scale and nature of this job offer.

I’m currently Project Lead on a game myself so am not interested in the job but I wish you all the best and if you ever need advice or help hit up my DM’s here or on discord [Teo#3882].

Good luck and Happy Dev’ing,


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