Voice Chat API for Developers?

I have been looking around and found nothing that allows developer access to Voice chat.

Thing’s I’d like to accomplish with the API are:

  • Ability to force mute a player
  • Ability to adjust volume for individual player
  • Ability to detect when a player started talking, is talking and stopped talking
  • Ability to create voice channel for teams

I don’t know if any of these are available or will be available in the future

If not I will create a Feature request, so I’m asking here first to make sure.

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They said this kind of stuff is planned. Voice chat is just still very new:


When you say this do you mean a console for developers in their own games to control spatial voice?

There is actually a way to do 3 of the items on this list :eyes:
Edit: Oh, 7 months old :eyes: (Sorry!)

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