Volumetric Sounds Public Release

This is cool!

Although I do wonder if volumetric vs single-point sound has a difference in performance?
I’d assume that volumetric sound calculation works different since instead of a single point it has to check distances for an entire volume.


I’ve been added so good update from sounds, hopefully they happen allowing classic from the future after they granted from release since this year.

I’ve been keeping track of this feature since it was first announced and waiting for the public release. Now it’s finally here. Let’s go! :smiley:

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Meaning its devolving sadly enough.

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Don’t forget about parallel Luau! It’s not a good implementation but it’s still pretty revolutionary in terms of what you can now make.


While it will be a slight inconvenience to make changes to scripts that utilize a lot of sounds by changing directories to maintain parity if desired, the fact that attachments greatly simply the process is much appreciated, as well as the generous time to convert. Overall, this is a good update with a good rollout plan. Thanks for the good work!


I can finally make bodies of water, stretches of woods, howling snowy mountain tops sound immersive and realistic!

I just need to actually make them first :sweat_smile:


This will makes life so much easier removing now unnecessary scripting.

Will this work for meshparts too?

This seems really cool, will defo be using this!

For the time being we’ve only added support for block, ball, and cylinder shapes – but phase two extends that to all part shapes, including wedges, cornerwedges, and meshparts


Is there any forum about teaching how to use this? :smiley:

I am so excited to use that on roblox studio, I have been waiting this for years.

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You shouldn’t need any tutorial for this. Just change the Sound Property as in ReallyLingArms instructions about manually changing the SoundService.VolumetricAudio Property.

I added a 2 stud thick transparent, CanCollide off Part at my ocean surface (Terrain Water) then put a wave sound in it.
I changed the RollOff min and max distances to make the sound fade away about 60 studs away.
Works perfect!

In the second phase, is it going to expand as well for TrussParts?

Are there any current plans to add some sort of option to prevent sound overlapping? an example of this is having two parts placing the same sounds close to each other causing them to sound distorted due to the overlap of them both.


Love that Roblox is focusing on engine quality rather than just pushing out a ton of new features!


Very awesome, glad to see this added. This is what we needed.

Easy! Just go to sound service, and scroll down to volumetric audio in the properties tab. The original post explains what each option means!

I’m not sure I understand… does the volume decrease as you walk away from the part?