Voxel Lighting makes Sky top purple around dusk

The legacy lighting system has a skybox transition from about 18.5 ClockTime to around 20.5. The Voxel lighting system works the same way, however during the transition, the entire top face of the Sky is the shade of purple that the horizon is supposed to be.

I expect it to be black at the top like in legacy, but it is purple. Here is a screenshot:


To reproduce, create a new place, set Lighting.ClockTime to 20, and look diagonal up into the sky. Toggle between Legacy and Voxel lighting Technology. Looking straight up you can see a weird purple square (the “top face” of the Sky).


Hi @tbradm, this looks like a bug. We’ll look into it.


I legit thought this was intentional. I’m glad it isn’t because it looks weird in most skyboxes.


Yeah, so did I.

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What is Voxel?

Voxel lighting which can be found here.

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This still hasn’t been fixed. It is also an issue for Compatibility lighting.

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I noticed that this behavior is now different. Instead of being purple all night, it fades from purple, to black, to blue, to red, to purple again, then to green, and finally back to day? (I’m using Lighting.Compatibility)

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Why green of all colors?

Seems pretty unnatural, though this could work if your game took place on Venus. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can say I had the same behaviour. This issue persists on FiB v16

The purple sky was fixed.

@Chrythm: I have never seen green sky like this :slight_smile: and cannot reproduce it here. Could you please send me place with repro? I will take a look at the problem.


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It’s not happening anymore actually, the bug seems to have been fixed about three weeks ago.

Unsure if this is exactly the same problem, so my apologies if this doesn’t count as this bug - If you have a white skybox, dusk times will have an unnatural purple glow to them regardless of which lighting system is used. Very troublesome for custom skies that don’t have an Earthly blue to them.