VR in roblox studio

Hello, I was wondering how can u use roblox studio in VR, like when you press “Play” then it starts with vr hands in vr mode just like in this video (The scripts not the steps to start roblox studio in vr)

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The video shows you how to do it. Have you watched the video? You need to start up the oculus app, and connect with either a cable or Air Link before roblox studio opens, then you can open with studio correctly. When you press play, studio will stream the view to the roblox studio app on your headset.

Yes, I understand the steps. But the scripts are what I need, I’ve tried nexus in vr and it hasn’t worked

You can try some other resources on the devforum which show how to script VR games. They don’t get too much in depth since every VR game is likely very different in controls and stuff.

Ill mark this as a solution if it worked!

Studio is so weird with VR. It should “just work” like the Roblox client does, where you connect your headset to the computer then start the game, which puts it in VR mode.

With Studio, it basically ignores the better GPU in your system if you’re using a laptop to develop. Laptops usually have two graphics cards in them, and VR uses the stronger one. Studio for some reason ignores it and picks the way worse Intel one, so it never enters VR testing mode like in the codeprime8 video that you linked to.

Once I switched to using a desktop computer with only an Nvidia GPU, I could easily test using Studio in VR. Roblox really needs to fix this so laptop users can make VR games.

Nexus VR Character Model should work in Studio if it’s entering VR mode.

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In most laptops’ graphics client, where you go to get drivers, there should be a place to manually assign the RobloxStudio/RobloxPlayer executables to use your discrete graphics over your integrated graphics, or at least a setting like “Conserve power” (everything on integrated) or “Maximum performance” (everything on discrete)

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Anyone knows a solution to this? I’ve been trying to get Virtual Reality working on Roblox Studio with my PC, but every method I try seems to not work. I have the Oculus App, SteamVR, tried launching studio via both of the apps, added it to their library and launching it there, etc. and none of them worked.

What I have been noticing is that when Roblox Studio opens, Oculus shows the screen that Roblox Studio is loading, only to get rid of the screen the moment Studio fully launches. On other tutorials, the loading screen stays there until they pressed “Play Solo”. Don’t know if a Roblox update broke this, but VR seems to not just work for me.

And yes, VR works fine for all my SteamVR games as well as Roblox itself, Roblox Studio is the only thing that does not work.


Open Oculus and connect with either a cable or Air Link before studio opens. Then when you open it, there should be an infinite loading screen that you should ignore by switching back to the desktop view. Then when you open a game and playtest, you can switch back to the game in VR, and it should work. If it doesn’t work, it should eventually unless your computer doesn’t have the right specs for VR.


what i did to test out games in VR is by playing 1 person test mode, it launches like the roblox player would and is rendered in VR with airlink for the quest 2.


Doesn’t work. I have a good PC as well, and other VR titles and even Roblox games work. Roblox Studio just doesn’t even work with VR for me.


XD silly. Why didn’t you ask me?

Ok, so once you are IN the headset. (ie connected via USB or AirLink)
You need to “connect” to your pc. (its a different environment then Meta Home.)

in the video, I am using AirLink to my PC. When I hit F5 to run studio, it will render to my headset instead of to the desktop screen.

hey also, that is an older video of mine.
Give me a second, and Ill make a new video on how to setup/run studio in VR. (2023 version)