Wall Builder - Easily shape terrain walls & paths

About Wall Builder:

This plugin lets you place parts off of other parts, creating a seamless sequence of walls! It can be used not only for shaping building interiors but also for terrain walls in larger maps and for building paths.

What’s the use case? Can’t you place the walls manually?
This plugin lets you easily place the walls and have them aligned automatically, which takes a long time to do normally. While yes, it is possible manually, it is very time consuming. If you want to align the parts at the corners, you need to be very precise!

How to use?

To use it simply open the plugin, press “Start Placement” and hover over either the left or right surface of a part.

After you’ve placed a wall, you can rotate and scale it to your liking!

Here’s an example of a quick build I made by creating terrain walls with this plugin!

And of course, the ability to make seamless paths:

Want to see how the plugin works in action? Here’s a quick video I recorded!

Here’s a link to the plugin:


Cool plugin you made here. It has it’s fair uses as well. But now I present to you, your competitor;

Archimedes, it’s free and has more features.


Nice :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sure it will be of good use in the future


In Archimedes, you have to manually change the angle to your fit, with this plugin, just rotate it however you want and done. I prefer having Wall Builder instead of Archimedes to build walls.


Hi, thanks for your reply. Archimedes does not let you control the rotation & scale of every individual part quickly. It is not the same as this plugin and targets a different use case.

When I want my second wall to have a different rotation & scale in archimedes, I need to turn on the scale tool in studio, scale the part, then input a new rotation number manually:


You still have to manually rotate to fit your walls in this one don’t you? The only change is that archimedes has it in a gui while this one has it directly implemented.

Everyone has their opinions, and there’s yours. Some may not prefer spending 5 USD on this plugin but some may.

I see, but you have’t really showed us the plugin in action, can you? I would like to see how the scale tool works.


I appreciate your response but please read through my entire post and check out the “How to use” section. I explain how it works and there are screenshots of it in action

After you’ve placed a wall, you can rotate and scale it to your liking!


I did, it’s just images mostly, I am asking for it in action as in video footage of how the plugin works. I started to reply after reading your post so don’t think of me as a karen.


The post has been updated with a short video showcase.


Ah, alright thank you! Now I can properly say my reviews and opinions about this as I have some footage of how it would work.

I would suggest adding more options as it still lacks many stuff and can’t really be compared to archimedes, maybe add make it automatically place parts without you moving your mouse? Like repeating the last action. I would also suggest adding more scale options, I would also suggest to fix the GUI a bit because for a paid plugin you would expect good gui design but this one isn’t too good. Maybe take inspiration from how roblox made it’s gui? It’s quite cluttered.


You should totally make it possible to resize the Wall from a face. Would make it even more worth it!

Edit: nevermind, that seems to be a feature in the video. lol
Definitely going to buy this. Seems like a fantastic tool.


just bought! I haven’t done much building in a while but I’m excited to try it!

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