Wall crash system help

I need help with this system I’m trying to achieve.

I need the wall break effect to be always facing and stick to the same face the dummy hits without using Raycasting if possible.

I’ve tried:

- CFrame:Lerp()
- CFrame.Angles()
- CFrame.fromOrientation()
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pretty sure that whenevery you raycast towards a something, you get the normal value. you might wanna look at those gun tutorials that leave bulletholes

I’m not raycasting, I’m applying a force to the dummy and check with a hitbox if it hits the wall, and then I need to place the effect

if the dummy goes too fast against a thin wall it is likely to go straight through without detecting a collision. for projectile collision detection, using raycasting is always reccomended.
what you can do for instance, is to define a nextpos, raycast between the currentpos and the nextpos, and if there’s nothing in between, you could put it there.

Could work, but I’m using a RotatedRegion3 (https://devforum.roblox.com/t/rotated-region-3-module/334068) to detect if it hits the waall, so I just need to know how to face the effect

Looks like there’s a raycast method for that. If you’re still not considering raycast, your option is limited to the so-called cross product to get the normal.

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I’ve tried that solution and it works so good, thanks so much!

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