Ways to use Luau with Chromebook

Hello, my title explains my problem.

I’m trying to create Luau code using a Chromebook without using Roblox Studio, Visual Studio, or any other IDE that doesn’t have Chromebook support. Is there any way I can do this?

Unfortunately, Roblox Studio isn’t supported for Chromebook.

However, there are alternative solutions such as:

  • If you have a Windows separate Computer, then you can use Remote Access from your Chromebook.
  • VMWare

Yes, but I was wondering is there any other ways to use Luau for Roblox Development in ways that are supported by Chromebook. Any IDE’s or websites maybe?

I don’t think anything else on the internet uses Luau as it’s Roblox’s custom sandboxed Lua. You can try to fork this for something compatible on Chromebook, however:

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You could download some virtual machine software and emulate a Windows 7 PC etc.