We’ve Rebuilt Sponsored Games!

Thats a good idea. I really enjoy seeing good ideas like this pop up on these threads. Sadly, ROBLOX devs usually dont read them or ignore them.

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Amazing update also, Just thought that maybe, next time, add a Play Through Rate to Ad’s and Sponsors so we can see how well a certain ad does for game visits/plays instead of just attracting people to click on it.

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Amazing update! However, the one thing I suggest changing is the ‘gender and age targeting’. The reason to this is because what may appeal to the majority of a gender or age won’t satisfy others and with age people can just lie about it so this isn’t an effective method either. What you could do instead is to base it off of the games the user plays. Let’s say a person role play games and, they’ll get advertised games with role play in. If a player is new to ROBLOX, they’ll get advertised a variety of things. Using this will be more effective because then people will actually get advertised things they personally enjoy instead of what people generally enjoy with that gender or age.

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I can understand the age targeting because, as you stated, the majority of kids will just lie.

However, the gender targeting would most likely work in your favor depending on your game. If its a Gender Neutral Roleplay Game, Choose both, if its a shooter, you can also go both ways, if its a racing game I’d lean more towards the boy option, if its a dress up game, I’d lean towards the girl option.

It all depends on you’re personal choice and, if you’re being economic, look up stats for games associated with genders.

The Age targeting will only work assuming people don’t lie about their age, which, isn’t and will most likely never will be a guarantee.

Is there an ETA for the full release of this to all users?

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100 years of modern marketing says you’re wrong.


Last 100 years of marketing have only proven my point, unless you’d like to argue that nobody has been hurt by marketing in the last century.

Hint: you will lose that argument.


Although this may be true statistically, using what the majority of people enjoy is unfair to those who do not enjoy these things. It’s like assuming that everybody likes a certain singer because many people like them. By using the games the player has played, then you’re including more people than you would do then if you had used gender. Using this instead of gender is a win-win for both developers and players because there’s a higher chance that they’ll click on your advertisement and they’ll be finding things they enjoy at the same time. It’s like the ‘recommended’ section on youtube, you get recommended the channels you watch or content similar to what you watch. The recommended section on youtube would be useless if it recommended you things based off statistics as there’ll be probably be many things which are irrelevant to you.

I agree to a lot of you. Advertisement should be done to topics instead of gender and age groups.

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This is a good idea but, how many times have you played a game genre that you leave in 5 seconds? Then, people would falsely believe you play that genre and then, they would recommended it to you and you would ignore it correct?

The same argument can be made both ways as stated above but I also think, that if we had both of those statistics it would be better, marketing wise since we can chose what gender and what type of player we wish to market too.

However, I still believe that gender is a valuable statistic and could mean the difference in visits and profits depending on what game you are marketing.

I’m a little confused. Are the impressions the amount of times it’s already shown, or is it how many times it will show in total?

Exactly, only 0.2% of the population identifies as non-binary.
This is an ABSOLUTELY great tool, I am sure I can earn over 50% more and not waste as much on ads for users who have no interest in certain genres.
The fact that people want to turn this into a political campaign is ridiculous, if you have a problem with this, look at Google Ads and Facebook Ads who do the exact same thing.

I have a sneaking suspicion too that we will get even more in-depth targeting. As there is already a recommended section.


Will there ever be a way to change/modify the “Ad Name” after you have created it?

Quick question. About the Sponsored games. I am in the BETA program, how do I find the option to do a sponsor longer than 24hrs?

Roblox has Male and Female options when you sign up recently you can now choose to not choose a gender.

I dont think there is a issue I think it’s a great move Male and Female options for Advertising will work great with no issues I feel people need to stop complaining about things like this as Developers now get more freedom on how to run there ads.


  • I like the new aesthetics
  • I like the gender option
  • I like the fact I could choose how many days the ad can run
  • I like the analytics that is displayed


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Great update, although I do have problems with it.

  • Not all of my games show up at the sponsor page. I tried to sponsor my Flight Simulator but I can’t find it in the list of games on the sponsor page.

This issue needs to be fixed as I am unable to sponsor my game for the weekend.

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any word on making sponsored games CTR not complete garbage though
this sounds pretty useful but these ads get practically no clicks compared to regular ads

I don’t know if that would mean having them show up more on the front page or what but they are not worth the money right now

Right now, the old sponsored games seem to be more effective. As you can appear on the front page categories using sponsors instead of being hidden away in categories/lower down the page.

The targeted audience seems cool but it’s kinda useless how you can’t even reach that demographic due to losing ~50% impressions and clickrates.

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Not sure if its an issue or if im missing something, but I ran the ad 4 hours ago and still have 0 impressions, can’t imagine 3k robux wasn’t enough to muster up a single impression?


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