We All Scream For Icecream - A unique icecream themed tycoon


Me (the scripter) and misstansyp (the builder) have recently released our 2nd game.
It’s currently in beta, bugs are relatively minimal.

I’d love it if I could get some feedback here if you’ve played the game and give me an overall feel of the game from a players point of view.

What makes this game great? (or atleast we think it is, with a few tweaks along the way)

  1. It’s a unique tycoon with features a lot of other ice cream themed tycoons do not have such as
    title progression system based on how many parlours you’ve fully built.
  2. A nice system that allows you to serve NPC’s and buy different flavours to serve with an Ice cream van that drives nicely.
  3. A van PVP system where you shoot ice creams at other player vans to freeze their van.
  4. A highly reliable DataStore, using the famous DataStore2 by Kampfarren.
  5. A unique mission systems with random missions across the map.
  6. A large amount of badges that completionists will enjoy earning.

And even more!

Link to game


I’m primarily looking for feedback, what do people want changed? Is something broken that I didn’t notice? Whatever you want to say! We spent almost a year making this and we’re very excited about it and we hope it’s a fun game.

Cheers y’all, have a nice day :smiley:


I don’t typically play games, so I haven’t taken the time to do it here. However, I’ve read the instructions and the concept seems very good. I feel like the best you could do to remake the UI and release that for the full version.

Also, ‘ice cream’ is two words.

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Some areas of the UI could be a tad better and I may rework it to match the rest at some point in an update. Thanks!

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Your game is very adorable and creates a very unique spin off of tycoons, but it just needs consistency. There’s about 3-4 different fonts and the UI could use a bit more work.

Your fonts

Does not include the sci-fi font, since it ties in with the alien spaceship. But overall very confusing, not sure what design you’re aiming for.

1 2 3 4 5

I would recommend something bubbly like this:

You don’t need to be good at photoshop, just some basic beveling and outlining will do.
Here’s some helpful tips for creating better looking logos.

For the buildings, sometimes it can be very detailed and other times it is very low poly. Just stick with one design.


High details:
7 8
Low Details:


Needs consistent color scheme. I recommend getting rid of the over saturated colors and sticking with light pastel colors.
Stick with your initial pastel colors:

Avoid over saturated dark colors:

Very weird textured rock; does not match with your cartoony mountains. What is the style that you want? Something realistic? Or something a bit more cartoony?

I would recommend making your trees a bit more blocky just so that they match with the style of your buildings. You can still use meshes for the leaves, but the trunk should be in blocks.
Your tree:

Would also avoid using the Roblox default flower pot. It makes the game feel free-modeled.
I would advocate for more interaction with the ice cream system, but the one you have now is also fine. Besides confusing design elements, your game has potential.