We have everyone we need!

Thank you to everyone who applied, but we aren’t accepting anymore applications.

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Hey, your discord says you don’t accept friend requests, you only send them.

While i’m here, check my portfolio (modeler), and if you like it, add me : Red1Monster#3623

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Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know though! I’ve changed it now so if anyone wasn’t able to add me, please retry!

I am interested in this position (builder), however,

I do not know what you mean by this. Anyhow, my discord is laughingeevees#8659 and you can view my portfolio at: https://hn1999rr.wixsite.com/laughingeeveesbuild

It means we already have someone and we don’t want anyone applying for that position

You should probably edit the post to avoid any confusion. Put their usernames in the empty slots to make it clear that those spots are taken.

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