We Need A Forum Alts PSA Topic

We really need a PSA topic about forum alts. There’s a lot of questions about them and there’s not a real answer to many questions concerning them, so I believe a good detailed thread explaining how and what they can be used for is a good idea for a PSA.

Yes there is an aswer. Alts on the forum are allowed as long as you don’t use them to bump your main’s stats:

I personally have an alt here that I use to read whenever I can’t join on my main (for different reasons)


Same, I also have an alt for some purposes (@RyloRiz) and for responding to topics. I believe the only “boost” I’ve ever done to my main (which I don’t think really is a boost) is vote on one of my polls since otherwise I couldn’t see the results.

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Yea, as long as you don’t give yourself solutions, likes, replies and things like that it should be ok.

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